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some price drops.
all prices include shipping to addresses in the continental us. for reference i'm around 6'2" 180 lbs and usually wear size M for shirts and 32x34 for pants. ask me for measurements. thanks for looking! comme des garçons duffel coat size L orig 400 condition: 9.5/10, only worn 5-6 times. 315-->300-->280 temple of jawnz winter varsity jacket sold hugo boss coat i can't find any tagged size on this but i remember it being size L. orig 400-500?? condition:...
i need to grab a few docs from my dead macbook ASAP. is it possible to recover a couple of files without creating an image of the whole disk? background: -problem started after a hard shutdown. -i can get to the log in screen, enter my username/password, and click "log in". after that, it goes to the default mac background, nothing else on the screen save the cursor, and after about 45 sec it returns to the log in screen. -i booted from the startup disk and...
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso I also disagree that a dialect is an actual language. What do you mean when you say language? The demarcation between language and dialect often has to do less with linguistic considerations than political ones.
i just got into uc berkeley as an out-of-state transfer!
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz Listen: just do things. Get off the Internet, set some goals, go out and have fun, and get over yourself. Don't take yourself so seriously. I bet you're a smart guy, right? Are you an analytical dude? I know I am, and when I didn't have anything to do at your age I'd turn that analysis inward. As a result, I went through something similar to what you're describing. So go do things. Go party, go volunteer at a...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I am reminded of a more attractive Connemera there. i think we have different OP's. Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol 1000 posts and this is the best you can do w/e.
1,000 po(a)sts, thanks SF!
Quote: Originally Posted by insomb you sound like a tool and don't deserve her, guarantee you fuck this up. bahahahaha
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