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Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso I also disagree that a dialect is an actual language. What do you mean when you say language? The demarcation between language and dialect often has to do less with linguistic considerations than political ones.
i just got into uc berkeley as an out-of-state transfer!
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz Listen: just do things. Get off the Internet, set some goals, go out and have fun, and get over yourself. Don't take yourself so seriously. I bet you're a smart guy, right? Are you an analytical dude? I know I am, and when I didn't have anything to do at your age I'd turn that analysis inward. As a result, I went through something similar to what you're describing. So go do things. Go party, go volunteer at a...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I am reminded of a more attractive Connemera there. i think we have different OP's. Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol 1000 posts and this is the best you can do w/e.
1,000 po(a)sts, thanks SF!
Quote: Originally Posted by insomb you sound like a tool and don't deserve her, guarantee you fuck this up. bahahahaha
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Nope.
You might want to check out some descriptive English reference grammars, though unfortunately, I can't recommend a specific one. Are you interested in linguistics? A course in syntax or intro to linguistics would probably be right up your alley. "what is a reference grammar"
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Subject-verb agreement ain't rocket science, neither. Quote: Originally Posted by otter eh ? yeah, what the hell? i don't see any "grammatical mistakes", and even if there's some prescriptive rule he didn't follow, it's definitely not making what he said any harder to comprehend. who gives a shit? this is an internet forum, not a journal publication.
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