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today's workout. my HR max is 190.
Quote: Originally Posted by BobD Today was a 5K with controlled HR ~130 @~17spm with a disapointing 22:52. Hr seems nice and low. Was that a pretty easy piece for you? What's your max hr? Chris, I do all my training pieces at a consistent pace. All my strokes have the same split.
what's your peak power? what's the lowest split you can attain using full strokes? this is always fun to do cause it's fast and doesn't hurt. i pulled 1:16 the other day.
chris, you might wanna check the drag factor to get a better idea of the resistance. at my gym there are a couple of machines that when set to 10 have a drag factor of 100-110. the machines should be at 140-160 when set to 10. you want a drag factor of 120. like wmmk said, the 1:51.8 refers to the average pace per 500 meters. it's similar to a runner saying he did 5 miles at a 7min/mile pace.
last workout before 2k test, taking tomorrow off. 4x2k 1:51.8 1:51.8 1:51.7 1:51.7
nice post johnkav. i've been erging 70-80k per week (gonna up it to 90-100 pretty soon) and lifting 2x per week. 2k test coming up this saturday. i want 1:40 or less but realistically i'll probably pull something in the 1:42 range.
I'm trying to figure out how many reps per set to do for abs. I've always done more reps for abs than for other exercises without really thinking why. The article below seems to contradict this thinking...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Lol. So this is Cal's level of education. Just as I expected. STFU. I bet he's a community college transfer.
3x6 @ 225
after a couple of false starts, 105
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