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concept 2's are pretty much the standard (says the guy with a concept 2 avatar) see you in the "how many meters did you row/erg today" thread
it was just one 20sec piece to see how low i could keep the split. it didn't hurt at all, and for that reason it's not part of my training routine :P
2.5 weeks off from exercise, went and pulled a 1:28 flat 500m. the ergs at my gym are messed up though, there's so much dust in them that they only go up to drag factor 95 when the resistance is set to 10. i bet i could go faster if the drag factor was 130+.dude.... what. i would check to see that the machine is working properly. concept 2's sometimes have an issue when the performance monitor thinks it's hooked up to a different model than it actually is. you can...
today was my lifting day before weights: 20 seconds @ 1:18.7 after weights: 5k @ 1:50.9
are you supposed to break a deadlift off the ground primarily via knee extension and not hip extension? i was experiencing significant back pain/tenderness when starting the lift with a hip extension, but after switching to breaking by knee extension, the pain has all but vanished.
30K?? were your hands like ground beef after that?4x2k today. not the most hellish workout i've ever done, but i'm really starting to hate ergs.1:49.81:49.81:49.71:49.6
wmmk, did you do the lvl 4 pieces as often as the plan said to? it says that 65-70% of the volume should come from lvl 4, but i'm lucky if 30% of my work meters are lvl 4.
From what I've gathered, the WP is basically just Caviston's erg routine, although it's true he gave it to the UMich women's team. He set a WR at CRASH-B for his age/weight, so it's gotta work for some people.
I never thought I'd hear that in a pejorative way . Consistency is good! I've been following Mike Caviston's wolverine plan for a while and one of the main principles is consistency.From, from, I'm making progress on the WP plan. Here's a 4x2k workout I did 2 weeks ago:Today I increased the pace and my HR was lower than it was last time, and last...
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