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Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it. It looks like there's really no substitute for a good diet & normal exercise but just more of it as we get older.
This is going to sound so bizarre but I know I'll get some straight up answers on SF. I'm 41 now & I like to eat but have never really had to work out to keep the potbelly from appearing up until around 38 years of age. When I tighten my stomach I don't feel much fat around my stomach. There's some of course but not what I would think would be there when I look in the mirror (side view) & see that "pot"!! Do we have fat underneath the stomach muscles as well? What...
Check out Bond No. 9 Central Park, very fresh & green. I'm more partial to the Bond lines than the Creeds but to each his own, but I will say Creeds last longer.
I liked the theme from Ghost in The Shell. Which I always thought the language it was made in was Russian but I read it was made up or gibberish. I don't know, either way I like the song.
What's the best brand t-shirt that doesn't suffer from the collar stretching out?
Thanks guys, I think ALL of you are correct. It's pretty obvious this is a legal issue so I'll get a hold of an attorney. Thanks again!
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Depends on the design. Are you trying to print a shirt saying "I love Three-6 Mafia" or do you want to print the Velvet Underground logo? Not to say you can't get away with either, but one is illegal. I'm actually going a different route by taking images I see which are "candid" shots of artists. You know like Jimi Hendrix at an interview smoking a cig or Ice Cube sitting on the couch with B-Real.
If I want to create my own silk screened or scanned photo t-shirts featuring musical artists what's the parameters pertaining to paying royalties to these artists whether alive or dead? I know this is more of a legal question but any advise would be greatly appreciated. Do I have to try & contact each artist or their representative to ask permission & strike deals on royalties (I hope not) or is there some type of "one stop shop" I could get this done?
I think it's very cool that 2pac transcended race/culture. I hear all the time other races saying they don't like rap but they love'em some 2pac. I agree with the Bob Marley comparison as well because that man was loved so much that he could walk through just about any hood regardless of race & find a hot meal & warm bed to turn too if needed. To me that's power.
Quote: Originally Posted by hi-val 1. Go here: 2. Listen to their remix of Biggie Smalls' "Party and Bullshit" (sorry snoop). One of my favorite cuts. Isn't that from the "Who's the Man" Soundtrack?
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