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How skilled/experienced would a tailor have to be to make the buttonholes functional on a new suit? The sleeves are unfinished. Do you think a tailor at a high-end department store such as NM would be qualified to do a proper job? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by johnny_flapjack You have now all been officially "told". Let's keep this chit chat about the facts of the deteriorating exchange rate between our currency and every other country's currency (except Mexico, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Panama, Vietnam, and ???) to a minimum. It might be construed as a political statement rather than just a fact of life. Well said Kwame
Quote: Originally Posted by jjgold Moon, is Schubot still in business? Yes, the son owns it currently afaik and they were liquidating the inventory at the end of the year for the transfer, regular customers got the first shot in November. You won't find that watch there at that price now.
I got a Reverso Grande Date at Schubot (Detroit) for less than that during the holidays. It was 40% off the 2007 list price so that is not a great deal from Overstock Not that impressive a watch in pictures but stunning in person.
A black and white houndstooth jacket with a white shirt and a deep red (ideally patterned w/black) tie goes VERY well with black pants.
Will the Alden cordovans be on sale?
SOLD thanks
Never worn - wrong size and I waited too long to return them. Retail 695.00, paid 416.00+ during the recent sale for the correct size and I will let these go for 250.00 w/shipping. A gorgeous pair of cordovans that you can either dress up or down.
New or nearly new, I have a size 10.5 brand new and unworn and they are slightly too large. Ideally I would like to trade for a size 10, if not I will buy a pair and put mine up for sale afterwards. If anybody knows of an RL store that still has some of these in stock I would greatly appreciate your help, thanks.
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