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$1580. alinea for four including a split pairing! i know when i got to urasawa, the bank will be broken
crispo is great. dim lighting and great food. osteria morinin is a good new one, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by ld111134 Still need to go to Alinea...and Schwa (which is criminal, given that it's right around the corner from my home). Go to Alinea. Do the 24 or 27 course menu, whatever it is now. Better give yourself like 5 hours though for the meal, and cab home if you do the wine pairing, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon Interesting. I have been to DB Bistro Moderne and was pretty disappointed... I'll be in vegas next week.. maybe hit CB there. If i'm not mistaken it's Boulud brasserie. if you're gonna spend that kinda money, mind as well hit up Alex instead at the wynn
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon I'm in NY and going to DBGB tonight. I'm kind of excited so I'm posting a pre-review. I'll edit with my actual review tonight. Anybody been ? sorry to dispel your excitement, but you should've made rsvps at cafe boulud instead.
Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy a pair of raw NS. First pair of raw denim ever so yeah. My official waist size is 33.5 so should I get a 33 or 32? I want them slim, but not tight, and I do have a larger butt if that matters. Thanks for the input.
google cone denim and search their white oak collection. look up contacts and contact them. american selvage!
hey kiya, my girl got me some nudie average joes from your site a few months ago and i just got them a couple days ago from her and i absolutely love it. thanks for everything, although i had wish she would have told me because she paid retail for those and there was a coupon for them.
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