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Na, I mean the xx003. Though both seem to have quite wide hems compared to the thigh. I don't know quite what the idea was with the way they cut the top block. I guess since most of the two SF's file them under 'repro' I expected it to be repro-ish. Instead it just means hidden rivets and selvage. Nothing wrong if that's the cut you're looking for, just be aware that its not in the same category.
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester There may be some age-inappropriate looks, but raw denim isn't one of them. This. Folks have missed that he own Levi's and wants to try something else. There are WAY too many options for this to be going so badly. In fairly standard denim there's plenty Blue In Green Soho probably has the most of what you're looking for. This would also mean you could order them one washed... check on return policies, I'm...
to the OP... the benefit is it's cheaper (when comparing like to like). The wider looms make volume production easier, as fewer looms need to be run to produce the same amount of fabric. Quote: Originally Posted by robbie It fades faster ( nudies). Nothing to do with the selvage or lack thereof. That comes down strictly to the materials used. The yarns and the dye. Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum i thought leg...
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie these would last forever, I assume that with heavier denim, there is more indigo in the threads and as a result much darker fades, and much longer lifespan Indigo is really just on the surface of the thread, and so would fade more or less normally. maybe even faster due to very stiff creases
Why has nobody mentioned the obvious regarding rise? A short rise will make your bottom half appear shorter, by cutting you in half at a lower point. Sagging of any kind will make your legs looks shorter by the same logic. Buy a mid rise, and wear them a little bit higher (no I'm not talking grandpa-wear-em-at-your-navel high). It'll bring your 'waistline' up. As for the thighs, try on lots of jeans. Be careful buying online unless you can return easily. APC's...
ALD Frontier 14oz (awesome) Fullcount SUFU 0105C Eternal 811BG not in regular rotation: Warehouse SUFU-660 45rpm Aihiko (occasional wear) APC English Sam S5000VX (5months wear, for sale) PBJ xx-003 (never worn, for sale) Want: Oni Reds Evisu No1 2001 handpainted Samurai S0500XX SDA SD-001 45rpm Sorahiko Flathead Sugarcane... something in Satokibi LVC something... can't go without some representative of the original. This covers the barest basics. Levi's XX/501 was made from Amoskeag denim originally, and I believe switched to COne around WW1 (?)
WTF? Wish you could remember the name... the prospect of buying them at full retail makes me vomit.
No I actually though the same. If it weren't for the cut, the stitching, the leather, and the studs... they'd be pretty good
They're made to allow your foot to move and flex naturally. They were designed to allow your foot to act the same as when a person runs barefoot on grass (arguably the most 'natural' way to run... as its exactly how we evolved... and it works fine for Kenyans) I doubt that the retro-ish Cortez-Frees are intended for too much running (like the Free runner) but certainly will have some of the same effect walking. Just letting your foot move and flex naturally.
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