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site is getting slammed, nothing will load for me
don't get too excited. this sale has always been terrible.
NSM really needs to hit Hong Kong next. I'm sure there's a huge contingent here that would be interested....
no i meant, i need to hem my gios, should i do cuffs or no cuffs?
are you guys cuffing the hem or leaving it?
what last are the suede double monks on? are they also captoe?
everyone i know who is in or has been in ER hates/hated it. analyst on the buy side is much better but you won't get any leeway for your own decisions until you prove yourself. maybe jump to PE/HF after 2-3 yrs in consulting then see how it goes.
just terrible.
ABP is nice but too expensive IMO
yep it happened to me also from this past winter also only 2 or 3 wears. ssense gave me an extra 40% off
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