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I've recently moved to London. Happy to entertain trades or deals on any of the things I'm selling listed here and would love to do local deals.
@NicoHK can you show us example pics of the bespoke that you got from AC and others vs the RTW from GH and corneliani?
Just ordered this. Seems interesting at a good price. Basically a "lost cask" from an unnamed distillery, 25 yo. Still some bottles left if you want to order it too
@chobochobo I've used Best Skill in CWB that Tassels recommended to me https://www.facebook.com/bestskillhongkong
@leaves is the bonafe loafer available in smaller sizes?
I'm intrigued by Chanel's first men's watch. The movement is just gorgeous Seiko's 60th anniversary Presage chronos seem like an amazing value. I'm really tempted, though I find the date window placement strange.
Opened this up last night Very strong and alcoholic. A few drops of water really opened it up. Vanilla and fruitcake notes.
If Kavalan, I prefer the "regular" single cask bourbon or sherry offerings but would only buy at the duty free price
open to making a deal with an established SF member. PM if interested!
yes every season they have one markdown, usually 30%. however not all items go on sale, especially the higher-end items
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