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fabric weight?
its not licensing, its manufacturing
is this used? can you provide the link to the original auction?
I've purchased these three items I've found the quality to be good, but would hesitate to purchase at full retail.
which model isaia is this?
how is this a document holder? it's a wallet
I sent you a PM about these already... would appreciate a response
Hi guys, I recently purchased the red label tote bag. The handles seem to be messed up already and keep shedding leather particles all over my clothes.... Is this normal or is there a defect in the handles?
I've been trying to email Betty. Tried two times over the course of 3 weeks and didn't get any response. Anyone else have this happen or in contact with her?
Can you post some examples of more Neapolitan style jackets you've done? Looking for more unstructured, soft shoulder, etc
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