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Thanks for this! Yes I do have a smaller wrist which is why I was considering the smaller and less pricey variants. I have tried on all of them. The smaller ones are fine, though the jumbo and 5711 are also not too large on my wrist. I'm concerned more about the servicing costs of the older models and have been looking for examples in good condition that have been serviced. 5402's and 3700's are skyrocketing in price so seems like by the time I'm ready to buy they are more...
Aeropress. Good for travel too. You need the right grinder to go along with it. I recommend the hario skerton
The second is more accurate. Depends on the lighting
Selling a piece from the collection that I love but doesn't get enough wrist time. Here's a nice article from Christie's about this reference. A very classic, elegant dress watch Mine is the more rare variant in with champagne/gold dial Watch only Circa 1990's 18k YG case with 18k YG Piaget buckle Automatic movement, no service history but working without any...
Two fabrics for sale that I won't be making up 1. Vintage dormeuil herringbone from the dormysport line, around 12 oz, 2M, perfect for a sportscoat. Asking $100 shipped 2. Hardy minnis rangoon in brown. Looks grayish in these pics but is a dark brown. 3.5M. Asking $OLD
Prices in Japan have always been higher for imported goods, for various reasons, i.e. high import duties, local partner needs to take a cut
I tried a new Edinborough-based roaster called Artisan Roast and ordered some Kenyan Kiamabara AA beans. Pretty tasty, up to the same standard as the Workshop beans I usually get. Worth a try for those in the UK
A few questions I'm pondering over for future purchases: Nautilus vs RO If nautilus, 3700 vs 3800 vs 5800 vs 5711? If RO, 5402 vs 15202 vs 14790? Kinda liking these two vintage watches recently UG Polerouter Omega Seamaster 300
Hibiki Japanese harmony isn't a special edition, it's their core NAS offering now. It's alright but not for $65.
IIRC early 2011
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