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You can look in Sham Shui Po. You can find a huge variety of buttons.
price dropped to $150
tapered leg, heavier denim (12oz+)
Hi, Have the following issues for sale: Issue 24, Vol 6, 2012 Issue 25, Vol 1, 2013 Issue 26, Vol 2, 2013 Issue 27, Vol 3, 2013 Issue 28, Vol 4, 2013 Issue 29, Vol 5, 2013 Issue 30, Vol 6, 2013 Issue 31, Vol 1, 2014 Issue 32, Vol 2, 2014 Each $18 shipped worldwide via regular air mail. Shipping from Hong Kong so these are heavy
It shouldn't be a problem. He'll use your existing pattern so it should come out more or less similar to the one you already had made.
good buy for the price. i know the fabric mill they use and its a good one....
thanks for the heads up! purchased a belt in natural and one in brown. i had wanted these so badly when they were released but didn't want to pay full retail
These have been worn a bit, but taken care of. The sole is not worn much and I've always used shoe trees. These beauties are no longer produced, and are in the special dig-dye sigaro leather. Can include the shoes trees for an extra $20.
Maybe the interlining is unfused. The above brands you mentioned used mostly fused interlinings. You'll just need to iron more carefully to avoid the additional crinkles.
I don't know why Nike sizing is all over the place. Here's what I have: Old AJF4 Size 8 Old lunar 1's Size 9 Nike free 5.0 Size 8.5 Nike Air max 1 OG size 8.5 I remember trying on the Flyknit lunar 1's and the 8.5 fit ok. So should I get 8 or 8.5 in the racers?
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