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Thanks, gents!It's 37mm and has the 13zn movement
Vintage Longines today
I've used Peninsula, Elements, and Prince's building for various reasons. All have been very good. Sorry to hear about your experience and I hope the shirts turn out ok.
I used to get shirts from Jantzen and Lee Baron, but now exclusively use AC. Fit and construction is top notch. It's worth the money to me....
I took a quick trip this past weekend to Osaka to visit a new tailor so I decided to stop by Yamazaki's distillery.
I've gotten two straps custom made by Peter and really happy with the prices and qualityhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Watchacc-Watch-Accessories-Page/202634479808387
would this have a captoe?
I don't find the sizing consistent at all. I have a western shirt that was one wash, size S, that fits great. I have had two other shirts in size S that were much bigger. And now I have a western shirt in a wash in size S that fits big and is super long. And a recent t-shirt in size S that fits pretty tight
the suede double monks have captoes... am i missing something?
Does anyone carry a carmina double monk without a captoe and in suede? armoury has one but in calf
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