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They also used D'Avenza pre acquisition
I liked it a lot. Found it to be better with ice. Not super complex but nice to drink. I've got a coffee malt too but won't be opening that until I move.
Clearing out my collection before I move to the UK. Excited to focus a lot more on scotch when I arrive.
All prices include global shipping. Payment by paypal or venmo. 1. BNWOT. Rare Drakes bengal tiger print. 70% wool, 30% silk, made in Italy. $65$60 shipped 2. BNWOT. Predators and Prey print. 70% wool, 30% silk, made in Italy. $OLD 3. BNWT. Beautiful and very versatile Simonnot-Godard light blue cotton square with satin borders. 15.75"x15.75", made in France. $OLD
Good Chinese New Year deals. Stocked up on heattech, undies, and socks
BLNR club. My only companion during a 13 hour flight delay in China yesterday
I have had various summer suits/jackets made up (from NYC, now in HK, much hotter and humid than NYC). My 100% wool jackets in weights that I can tolerate are too delicate and the fabric wears down too easily. They also don't have enough heft. I have found that the best wearing fabrics for a summer jacket are some kind of wool/silk/linen blend, or linen/wool. In addition, the type and weight of the canvas will also affect how warm the jacket wears.
I'd buy it. It's a very good beater watch. About the same price I paid for my pelagos
this doesn't seem like a normal isaia tag. it may be a special make just for vente-privee?
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