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Same sweater as in this link: http://www.mrporter.com/product/185528 Brand new with tag and never worn. Size S. Paypal only.
Switched back to my ABP elephant strap now as the weather has gotten colder
$21 shipped worldwide. Payment via paypal
Brand new and never worn. Price includes shipping in the continental US, international extra.
+1. There is a big misconception in consumers' minds about production in other countries. Briefly:1. In US/ UK nobody wants to work in a garment factory = no workers2. Garment manufacturing productivity is low in developed countries3. The cost does not decrease to a fraction by moving production to other countries4. ALL retailers and brands are facing margin pressure5. Quality control must be in place for a brand like Barbour to be able to shift production seamlessly
For $1000 HKD you should go with Ascot Chang. You won't be able to choose Alumo or the like but you'll be able to choose some good basic fabrics
The Prorsum ones from this season were a huge disappointment
Look up boglioli dover model. I have one and its awesome. Several other brands like Isaia and Brioni had knit blazers this season. Hell, Uniqlo has a jersey blazer
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