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A few questions I'm pondering over for future purchases: Nautilus vs RO If nautilus, 3700 vs 3800 vs 5800 vs 5711? If RO, 5402 vs 15202 vs 14790? Kinda liking these two vintage watches recently UG Polerouter Omega Seamaster 300
Hibiki Japanese harmony isn't a special edition, it's their core NAS offering now. It's alright but not for $65.
IIRC early 2011
WTF is PP thinking
where are you staying? London is a big city Grind chain is also good - various locations Workshop and TAP as mentioned Monmouth and Nude are well regarded but I'm not a fan Kaffeine Dept of Coffee and Social Affairs Ozone Brooklyn Coffee The Little One Coffee Geek & Friends Iris & June
There are a ton of good places in London... google is your friend
wow that price has gone up a lot since I last used him
Seconded on the Caol Isla. I've had a few great independent, single casks releases that were phenomenal
@roomiller NATO strap for the lemania arrived, as well as a tan strap for the FPJ CB (So difficult to photograph properly) And still in love with the movement
Workshop is my favorite and I like TAP as well. I find the general quality of coffee here to be pretty good. Not a fan of Monmouth or Nude.
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