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Congrats. I'm sure your future commissions will turn out better and better. I've been meaning to try Coccinella.... I've ended up using Sarto Domenica and have loved his work so far
anyone have real life wear pics? been debating these but not sure how they'll look on my feet
thanks so much for the recommendation. I'm in touch with Graham and he seems very knowledgeable. I hope my insurance claim is resolved soon so Graham can repair the chair!!
i size down one from my CP achilles size..... YMMV
You guys may find this amusing or sad.... I've had a Herman Miller eames lounge chair for around 6 years and it's travelled with me from NY to HK and now London.... Well my relocation shipment arrived this week and my chair now looks like this Going through the painful insurance claim process now
What the hell..... Buyee just made me lose out on an item I wanted and canceled my account. I just registered......WTF? Has anyone else had this happen before? We are writing to inform you that your membership has been terminated, and you will no longer be able to use our service. We are not able to disclose the reason for this termination. We apologize for any inconvenience may have caused.
I'd recommend seeing the watches you're interested in in-person at the previews. Helps you get a better sense of the condition especially if you're going for vintage. You may also find that in the previews you'll try on watches that didn't appeal to you on-screen but in-person are very interesting.
I visited Shaya today to try on some of the gloves he has on offer and pick up some pocket squares as well. He was kind enough to pick me up from the tube near his office. Ended up getting the brown Riemer unlined deerskin gloves which fit the best, two drakes squares, a liverano square, an exquisite trimmings square, bresciani socks, and a rumisu square which is just awesome. Shaya's a great guy! Don't hesitate to purchase from him
Has anyone been up to Northhampton lately at the JL factory store? Wondering what prices are like these days and if it's still worth the trip
@NicoHK I agree the AC looks the worst and the il Sarto isn't much better. The GH OTR looks the best. Why not continue with GH OTR? in HK they're on sale a lot so you should be able to get good deals
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