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Way too much
Yamazaki 18 is around 25,000 JPY retail now, and in the open market goes for around $250-300 USD. How I long for the days that the 18 was readily available at duty-free for 15,000 yen
It's in-store
Harvey Nichols HK store
If anyone's still looking for the olive flight bomber, Harvey Nichols in HK has a full size run for 50% off HK retail which comes out to be around $567 USD. Wish the jacket wasn't so boxy otherwise I would have kopped one
Free to a good home, just cover my shipping cost which I estimate to be $30 worldwide with tracking. These have been worn a bit but still have plenty of life.
Here are mine PRE-SALE-U95VX PRE-SALE-XI85T
Time for a paypal chargeback
anyone looking to buy ties in bulk? famous UK brand, ties made in UK and Italy, all NWT. PM me if interested.
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