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why are gr@iled links banned here?
Do it! You won't regret it.
Selling a 2M length of the discontinued Hardy Minnis Riviera. Great fabric for a spring/summer sports jacket. Most accurate color is the one under the sun. Price includes shipping globally!
I think the prices are only going to get higher over time I picked up Picadilly in dark oak 184E Chelsea in dark oak in 82F I never find these (esp F width) on sale so I consider it a good deal, even though the prices are higher than before
No briefcases. They have an entire box of belts but i didn't have time to look
I guess YMMV depending on size. 395 for older stock, a section with special pricing, and 595 for newer stock
Really good selection at the sample sale in most sizes
I don't think it's fair to judge the prices of tailors like AC and WW Chan at face value. The costs have also risen, both in labor, and in real estate at a very fast rate. My understanding is that overall, business is the same or down from before while costs continue to rise.
if you guys just read a few posts back the info is here. see you at 11am tomorrow
Thanks for sharing.I really don't like the writer and the way that he wrote this article.1. If his intention was really to try and copy a bespoke G&H suit, certainly going to a sub-par tailor isn't going to accomplish that. I understand there were budgetary constraints, but if he had considered a tailor in HK it would have been possible to achieve his goal.2. The writer doesn't seem to have enough experience or knowledge about tailoring to write about it intelligently.3....
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