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Congrats, @mimo! That's a sick watch
I'm sure, I've been buying it for years and go to Japan multiples times a year. It used to be 6500 JPY but they raised the price in the past year to 8500This past trip was the first time that all Suntory stock was sold out....
Payment by Paypal or Venmo Amazing natural indigo x indigo selvage jeans from 45rpm, made in Japan. Lightly worn. Measurements Waist: 17.5 Front rise: 11.5 Leg opening: 9.5 Inseam: 30 Asking $200
Payment via Paypal or Venmo. Shipping included.1.Rag and Bone RB-23 Jay Jeans. These are in one-wash, lightweight denim. By handfeel I'm guessing they're about 10-11oz, so great for the spring/summer. Made in the USA.Measurements:Waist: 14.25Front rise: 9Leg opening: 6.75Inseam: 31Asking $OLD [[SPOILER]] 2.Rare Red Ear by Paul Smith selvage eans made in Japan and have been gently worn.Measurements:Waist: 14.5"Front rise: 10Leg opening: 8Inseam: 29Asking $125 [[SPOILER]]...
It's still pretty pricey, considering Japan duty free is 8500 JPY which is about $70. For $120 there are better alternatives out there
yes it is. carmina has a much higher level of leathers and finishing. meermin's product just can't compare
And it's also impossible to find at duty free now. All sold out. I'm kicking myself for not buying the older expressions, i.e. 25 years and above. At duty free, they used to be $500-1000, and these days, you can easily sell them for double that.
Can you open the caseback?
I'm lusting for this in rose gold.....
Thanks! I think my (attainable) grail vintage watch in an unpolished Universal Geneve tri-compax in rose gold, something like this:
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