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Tried on a friend's new PP 5146G. Pretty incredible in person, though I was egging him on to get a 5970. Got a GMT Master 1675 by "accident." Threw in a low proxy bid in an auction and somehow won it. It's a 1971, all original, pretty near mint condition, original box but no papers. Seems like it was barely worn. I had always wanted a 1675 or 16750, and now after receiving it, I like it a lot more than I thought I would. I'll probably end up selling it though, if...
http://www.nonjatta.com/2014/12/Suntory-Price-Hikes.htmlPretty sure these price increases will be implemented in the USA as well.
Oh sh!t that's awesome. Been looking for a UG tri in rose gold.
Nice pickups! The Hibiki 17 is my go-to Japanese whiskey. Better pick up a few bottles and hold them as the prices are going up on April 1.
I like the regular Kavalan for everyday drinking and prefer the bourbon cask over the sherry
I have one of those and it has a similar profile
I can proxy. Pm me
Barneys up to 60% off
IMO, the purple SC would look great, especially with some suede elbow patches
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