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Wasn't planning on getting another watch but got this one for a steal. It's a bit undersized but kind of a refreshing change from whats in my rotation now. Will look great after I get a new strap. any suggestions? was thinking some kind of glossy gator in a burgundy or brown, or maybe keep it classic with glossy black or dark navy?
@chenm0416 carmina directly and armoury both sell the double monk in brown calf
For around $10k I've seen previous generation Lange 1815 in 36mm. Just throwing another idea into the mix.
How much are you looking to spend ?
1. no captoe. 2. yes
Looks like we have enough people now @LTDL let's get it started!
do you have measurements?
Liverano is Florence
Sorry to burst your bubble but unless she's very lucky, she won't be able to find anything.
The program seems really interesting. All topics that I'd want to hear about. But I wouldn't pay $3500.
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