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Significant price drops on these!!!
Wow, that's a lot. Are you really sure that you want all of them?
Depends on what you're looking for. If you're on a budget, I'd recommend the Tokyu Stay chain of business hotels. The rooms are small, but very clean and most come with a washing machine and small kitchenette.
price dropped to $2500
Is anyone interested in a GMTO for a suede loafer? I have wider feet so don't fit any of the standard makeups in the Uetam or Simpson lasts.
I'm interested in the double monks. Can we do without a captoe? Prefer leather soles and toe taps
price dropped - make me an offer!
Went to a talk about important chronograph movements at Bonhams HK Lots of good fun being around watch collectors
yep, 99% tourists. Also, their coffee isn't that great, but the baked custard is pretty tasty.
If you have such a problem with these "Asian" tailors, you're better off looking elsewhere for your cheap suit
New Posts  All Forums: