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It's overpriced. I'd much rather have a vintage version. Less than half the price and double the fun
The point was, responding to @lewin24's comment, at 70% off and free shipping and free returns they're likely losing money at this point
The cost of free returns is very high and it's not just the delivery cost. Warehouses have a cost in packing and shipping an item, and then to process a return, and then the potential wear/tear on an item.
Not really. At this point they're probably losing money with all the logistics costs
I prefer more classic sizes and I'd say 35-38mm are my sweet spot. It depends on how big your wrist is.
Not sure if this helps, but I wear UK 5.5 in 82F, UK6 in 202 and 606E
PM'd you.
My two faves
awesome quality. fits about a 1/2 size big
Arrival in time for Xmas Two tone 14790, unpolished, nearly mint, box and papers. Surprised that I'm loving it this much so far. I posted about this a few months back and was debating between the RO and Nautilus. After trying on both several times, decided that I liked the lines of the RO better. Tried on both 15202 and 5402's, and while they weren't too overly large, the 14790 just fit my wrist a lot better. On another note, after wearing more watches in the 36mm...
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