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My addition to this thread Fits well Carmina Inca (wholecut) UK 5.5 Carmina Xim UK 5.5 EG 202 UK 6E EG 606 UK 6E EG 184 UK 6F JL 4098 UK 5.5EE Fits OK Carmina Inca (captoe) UK 5.5 Carmina Robert Sneakers Common Projects Achilles EU 40 Common Projects Bball Low EU 39 Buttero tanino low/high EU 39 I have a Cleverley Reuben handgrade shoe in UK 5.5 in the sig if anyone in this thread is interested
this is correct, they are knitted by machine. so a specific width can be made, but a bulk run quantity needs to be produced
This is a lightweight navy worsted fabric from the Alan Flusser sale a while back that I didn't have made up. No selvage but coming from Flusser you can trust this is a high quality fabric from a top mill. 1.6 yards so plenty for any size to make trousers or a vest Price includes global shipping.
They also used D'Avenza pre acquisition
I liked it a lot. Found it to be better with ice. Not super complex but nice to drink. I've got a coffee malt too but won't be opening that until I move.
Clearing out my collection before I move to the UK. Excited to focus a lot more on scotch when I arrive.
All prices include global shipping. Payment by paypal or venmo. 1. BNWOT. Rare Drakes bengal tiger print. 70% wool, 30% silk, made in Italy. $65$60 shipped 2. BNWOT. Predators and Prey print. 70% wool, 30% silk, made in Italy. $OLD 3. BNWT. Beautiful and very versatile Simonnot-Godard light blue cotton square with satin borders. 15.75"x15.75", made in France. $OLD
Good Chinese New Year deals. Stocked up on heattech, undies, and socks
BLNR club. My only companion during a 13 hour flight delay in China yesterday
I have had various summer suits/jackets made up (from NYC, now in HK, much hotter and humid than NYC). My 100% wool jackets in weights that I can tolerate are too delicate and the fabric wears down too easily. They also don't have enough heft. I have found that the best wearing fabrics for a summer jacket are some kind of wool/silk/linen blend, or linen/wool. In addition, the type and weight of the canvas will also affect how warm the jacket wears.
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