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Yes it is AC and they do it in-house. I like the quality of the work for the price point. I work on SR and still get clothing made in Japan and Italy. My AC made garments are in my rotation and will continue to be.
It would be helpful if you listed the size and the actual length
white jeans/chinos
I agree with @cypi2. It's not the amount, it's a matter of principle.
New project with my HK tailor. This will be my 3rd blazer with them so just a basted fitting, a few minor tweaks, and then to the final product. Fabric is H&S Peacock from @edmorel. Coincidentally the shirting is from him as well It's going to be a SB 3r2, wide lapels, patch pockets, barchetta breast pocket, soft shoulders and body.
Price dropped by $100, want these gone!
I had the Molloy made up into a blazer. Initially I thought this was going to be very heavy but turns out it's just fine for 50's to 60's weather, and colder with an overcoat. Just bear in mind it is a bit thick, so layering isn't that easy unless you have proper allowance.
Doesn't look like it. I can't even keep track anymore of the number of people, not having ever been whisk(e)y enthusiasts, who read some article about prices shooting up in auctions, and go out and buy random whiskies, and then come show off to me how well they did. A colleague the other day bought 3 bottles of Yoichi 10 yr, at the supermarket in HK no less, for double the retail price in Japan, and thought he made out like a bandit because he read that Yoichi is going to...
Sorry am a bit late to the discussion.I respectfully disagree with @mimo. I'd had mine since 2013. I love that it is lightweight, and the bracelet is one of the most comfortable that I've worn, even compared to higher-end watches. I think it's much more attractive and more low-key than a sub. You have to try it on to appreciate it. I prefer the 1st gen's looks over the 2nd - I don't like the 4 lines of text, and honestly, at this price point for a tool watch, who cares if...
I can only find one comp where a single bottle was sold, not in a sethttps://www.scotchwhiskyauctions.com/auctions/85_the-48th-auction-ends-on-sunday-april-5/60307_yamazaki-sherry-cask-2010-release/I'd estimate you could sell it for $700-$900 USD
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