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Looking to buy a few pieces for a project. Can be any size. The important thing is that the wash or fading from being worn in looks nice and natural. Shipping will be to HK. please pm your offers with photos.
Was gonna pull the trigger on the suede loafers. Had my eye on them for a while. Darn. Guess ill pass now.
Tudor Pelagos
pulled the trigger on a tudor pelagos.... pics to come
prices dropped
another price drop
Initially, the move to offshoring production was exactly for this reason. However, the US is now a country whose strength is now R&D, design, and innovation. Even if you wanted to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US, there aren't enough people who want to work in a factory. How many college grads or young people today have that kind of aspiration? The biggest problem for manufacturing in China today is labor; the current generation doesn't have any interest in the...
The responses in this thread follow the same trend of asinine and illogical comments whenever this kind of topic comes up. What does country of origin even mean anymore? Let's use a down jacket as an example. You have the shell from Korea, the lining from Taiwan, filling from China, accessories and trims from Hong Kong, and the sewing in China. What's the country of origin? What is the impact of Chinese owned factories staffed by Chinese labor in Prato, Italy?
Originally retailed for $415. Has been worn once only and is in mint condition. Will be shipped from HK via air mail. Can ship via express for an additional fee. PM with any questions. S2S: 16.75 Length: 26 P2P: 19
yup, they have it in naples. just bought one last week!
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