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You won't have any issues getting a quartz watched serviced. There are tons of people in the UK who do this.
Up for sale is this NOS condition Sinn 103 ST. From what I understand this was a dealer's display model and has only been tried on. Comes on the original Sinn pilot's leather strap, that has a small tear on the back near the lugs (see photo). It does not affect the wearability of the strap. Comes with display box as pictured. I've wound the watch up and it looks to be keeping accurate time. Edit: I've noticed that the chrono seconds hand is stuttering a bit, but it is not...
Up for sale is an amazing shoe in a very rare size. I bought this for my own use over a year ago but have since decided to let this go as my current wardrobe leans more casual. These are marked as seconds but don't have big visible flaws. Soles are good, only tried-on on carpet. A few creases from being tried on. Marked UK 5.5EE. Right shoe has a loose stitch on the top and at the heel. I believe a cobbler should be able to fix this easily. Comes with lasted JL shoe...
its already almost sold out.....?
First one is really dated, there's a reason it doesn't exit anymore. Sorry...
I don't buy the hype with these "Heuer made" examples - there's so many of them that it almost doesn't mean anything.Anyway, they're decent value watches for someone wanting to get into vintage
40% off new collections in January signals something bad
??? $800-$1500 is about what these generic Valjoux chronos go for
Looks like Piccadilly
Ventnor is unlined comes on the R1 rubber sole, it's a casual loafer The picadilly has more structure and is a dress loafer
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