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This is a standard way for packing denim/washed pants.... it's to make sure that the pants don't look too flat when it hits the store shelves, as the manufacturers sometimes may accidentally iron the pants or fold them too flat. I would have expected RL to repack it to ship to consumers though
Did you wash it yet? There will be some shrinkage so the fit might be better afterwards.
Tried Ardbeg Ardbog last night There's always a lot of hype around Ardbeg releases but this one was really good!
updated with better pics and more information.
All brand new. Price includes global shipping. Payment by paypal or bank transfer. 70% wool, 30% silk Bengal tiger print - $75 3 2 different colorways available Elephant print - all $SOLD PM if interested!
Here's their Rakuten shop http://www.rakuten.co.jp/ringjacket1954/
Thanks and agreed. Just wanted a few points of reference for somewhere to start. Will come back after doing some more research and trying on a few more watches. Cheers guys
OK. Don't like Rolex except vintage GMT Master II's with the Pepsi bezel. I like cleaner, easy to read dials. I like vintage or vintage-inspired dials. Looking for something classy but versatile enough to wear with casual outfits. Lange 1815 looks interesting. A used 1815 up/down might be a stretch price-wise but could work as well. I mean, I really don't know what I'm looking for as I haven't shopped for watches in this price range.
Thanks! Open to any other suggestions as well
Yeah, $12-13k sounds about right. Used is fine. I'd be open to trade or sell one or both watches for the next one. In general I don't like chronos and prefer a date window but those aren't dealbreakers. I usually go by looks first and then look into the movement and other details. The RO intrigues me, but when I put it on, it didn't speak to me. Maybe I need to try it again? I actually like the 15305 but its out of my price range and my girlfriend hates it. I like the...
New Posts  All Forums: