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Unbelievable deals..... Picked up the Buttero suede sneakers I've wanted for a while and a GRP rollneck from the "regular" sale section
^^ agreed. Try wearing a fully-lined jacket in Asia's summer humidity....
Shanklins as well today
The morning session of the Christie's auction was pretty crazy. Was eyeing some lots and the bidding got so crazy I couldn't click fast enough. The almost $3M Breguet pocketwatch that was bought by the Patek museum was just stunning and all of the good lots broke the estimates. Hoping I might find some "value" lots in the afternoon session
The market for panerai has been super soft the past few years...
This attitude is what's destroying retail
Sporting the FPJ today
They are real. Rolex are abundant in HK.
You see BLNR's everywhere in HK. I've even seen them on the taxi and bus drivers' wrists
Coccinella does Florentine-style tailoring. There are other Japanese tailors that do Neapolitan.....
New Posts  All Forums: