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Depends on the price you're willing to pay, fabric MOQ, and country of production. I would guess the MOQ can be low as 100 pcs. Generally the customer takes care of logistics. The factory will handover the goods to the customer's nominated forwarder. In some cases, the factory can arrange this for the customer at extra cost of course.
It's interesting. On the nose, really sweet and vanilla-y. The taste is quite strong initially with a bitter finish. You definitely taste the Mizunara. I added a drop of water and it really opened up. More sweetness came through and less of the bitter finish. I really enjoyed this one and I believe there will be some bottles released in the US later this year.
Tonight's dram
Kiya, looks like the indigo-dyed hoodies have a problem with the zippers. They shouldn't be wavy like that.... looks like there wasn't enough allowance included to account for the shrinkage after wash
I think one of the issues is they aren't fashion or garment people. They really do need some people who understand product and can control production to make sure that the design and execution is done properly.
Is this loopwheeled?
where's the size 36?
Anyone know if they're still making the white selvage slim fits?
Please make an offer if there's interest.... I'd rather not dump these into the bin
All items include global shipping and will be shipped from Hong Kong. Prefer payments through a non-transaction fee service like Square Cash or Ribbon, can discuss paypal1. Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Suit 36S in Charcoal Grey [[SPOILER]] $OLD2. Miu Miu mens blazer size EU46 from the last season they did menswear. 96% cotton 4% nylon made in Italy. In very good condition.JacketShoulder: 16.5"Back length: 28"Sleeve: 24" with a little to let out$200 $180 shipped3. LBM 1911...
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