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I had the same experience, but kept emailing and Nick eventually got back to me and shipped my order promptly. He's totally legit and just overwhelmed with orders. Unless for some reason you need the shoes immediately, I'd sit back and wait, given that the amazing deals that were offered during the sale.
Wearing my shanklins as well today. Love them
The captoe makes the front a little bit tighter than in the wholecut. It's for that reason that I don't like a captoe on the Inca.
Abunadh is like 40-45 gbp retail in the UK. Wait for your next trip or try to find a duty free that has it
mine haven't shipped yet nor has nick responded to any of my emails. about to cancel my order....
What do you guys think of the Ventnor? I already have a Shanklin in Coffee suede and a special makeup loafer on the 606 in tobacco suede. Another shanklin in tobacco suede is also tempting....
great post and thanks for the info about this talented tailor. looking forward to the completed suit
thanks. do you think the UK5.5 will work?edit: should have just bought it! someone bought the william before me. ended up buying the truro tassel loafer in UK5.5EE instead.
the deals on bespoke england are amazing can someone advise on JL sizing? haven't been able to find much info in this thread. I have wider feet In Carmina I fit in the inca, robert, and xim (a bit tight) lasts in UK 5.5 (uetam, simpson, and alcudia don't work for me) In EG, I fit in the 202 and 606 in UK6E in suede, and the 184 in UK6F I'm considering the campus 12 loafer in UK5E or UK5.5E and the william in UK5.5E
Ended up going with a stitch less black croc, loving the elegant look. May get another strap made up at fournet next time in Paris. Surprised that the 33.5mm size wears larger than it would seem.
New Posts  All Forums: