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What price do you mean by "cheap?"
I have a similar wrist size and I found the 572's size to be just right, probably owing to the curved caseback. It was very comfortable and light on the wrist, compared to my 312. Aesthetically I like the 512 as well, but find the 572 more balanced.Here are some more pics of the Lange:
Will post some more pics under better light tomorrow. Dropped off my PAM 312 for service today and tried on the new 572 in steel and red gold. The red gold is really lovely, but IMO overpriced. Now I'm thinking about trading my 312 + cash or 312 + Tudor Pelagos for a 572 in steel..... decisions, decisions. I still want the FPJ Chronometre Bleu too..... This thread is so dangerous
So... This happened Thanks to all who gave me advice earlier!
Brand new never used From Context: We found some amazing leather in Japan. It is finished by way of a very old tanning technique using fish oil. It wears in wonderfully. When we found it we knew we needed to make something out of it. Made in Japan 9-10oz Leather Fish-oil Tanned Custom Forged Buckle End of and Era - Final KMW Production Run Belt Measurements: measured from the tip of the prong to the first, third, forth and last hole Size 32: 1st hole- 31.5" 3rd hole- 34"...
Nice pickups!
It's been difficult finding a used up/down in the 39mm case. Lots of 36mm for sale but I found that too small. There was a 39mm for sale @ $20k a few months back but I missed out on it. A Florida dealer has offered me a RG version @ $21.5k but I can't see it in person if I want it. I've tried on both. Would be better if I could do a side-by-side comparison but unfortunately that isn't possible.
Congrats, @mafoofan. It really looks lovely. Serious question - ALS 1815 up/down vs FP Journe Chronometre Bleu? the FP Journe is roughly $6k less, mint but second hand. ALS is new in WG. Edit: Wow, just saw this on Hodinkee Same price range new as the ALS.....
Wow too bad this would make a great sports coat
those ties are pretty fugly.... the pocket squares, however, were really nice
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