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IIRC early 2011
WTF is PP thinking
where are you staying? London is a big city Grind chain is also good - various locations Workshop and TAP as mentioned Monmouth and Nude are well regarded but I'm not a fan Kaffeine Dept of Coffee and Social Affairs Ozone Brooklyn Coffee The Little One Coffee Geek & Friends Iris & June
There are a ton of good places in London... google is your friend
wow that price has gone up a lot since I last used him
Seconded on the Caol Isla. I've had a few great independent, single casks releases that were phenomenal
@roomiller NATO strap for the lemania arrived, as well as a tan strap for the FPJ CB (So difficult to photograph properly) And still in love with the movement
Workshop is my favorite and I like TAP as well. I find the general quality of coffee here to be pretty good. Not a fan of Monmouth or Nude.
Out of control
Same here...
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