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Way too much
Yamazaki 18 is around 25,000 JPY retail now, and in the open market goes for around $250-300 USD. How I long for the days that the 18 was readily available at duty-free for 15,000 yen
It's in-store
Harvey Nichols HK store
If anyone's still looking for the olive flight bomber, Harvey Nichols in HK has a full size run for 50% off HK retail which comes out to be around $567 USD. Wish the jacket wasn't so boxy otherwise I would have kopped one
Free to a good home, just cover my shipping cost which I estimate to be $30 worldwide with tracking. These have been worn a bit but still have plenty of life.
Here are mine PRE-SALE-U95VX PRE-SALE-XI85T
Time for a paypal chargeback
anyone looking to buy ties in bulk? famous UK brand, ties made in UK and Italy, all NWT. PM me if interested.
I certainly understand the situation as I would feel the same. Certainly the lack of communication and lack of certainty is not OK.At the end of the day though, they're just shoes and good deals come and go.
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