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yes every season they have one markdown, usually 30%. however not all items go on sale, especially the higher-end items
I tried Armorik recently at the HK Whisky Festival. Found it really underwhelming but the guys from the distillery were really nice and passionate.
price dropped to 70
open to offers
Yes it is AC and they do it in-house. I like the quality of the work for the price point. I work on SR and still get clothing made in Japan and Italy. My AC made garments are in my rotation and will continue to be.
It would be helpful if you listed the size and the actual length
white jeans/chinos
I agree with @cypi2. It's not the amount, it's a matter of principle.
New project with my HK tailor. This will be my 3rd blazer with them so just a basted fitting, a few minor tweaks, and then to the final product. Fabric is H&S Peacock from @edmorel. Coincidentally the shirting is from him as well It's going to be a SB 3r2, wide lapels, patch pockets, barchetta breast pocket, soft shoulders and body.
Price dropped by $100, want these gone!
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