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@BostonHedonist If you are willing to consider 36mm, you can find pre-owned Lange 1815's for around $10k
@SeamasterLux was the fabric branded? i see lots of vendors selling cut lengths, both branded and unbranded, and am wary of fakes or bad quality
Yes, as before, I am in. I prefer without captoe and museum calf. I'd really love suede though....
I think the old gold was the best value. although when costco sold blue label for around $120 that was a pretty good deal
You asked about suits/trousers. I've done two blazers CMT, and have done shirts CMT and with their fabric choices as well. Will post some pics later
I've done CMT and the final product was great
Thanks to @CHRK33 for helping me acquire one of my grail watches I'll be out of the game for a while
15202 in rose gold
first day out in the wild
any idea what the price will be?
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