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Mint condition 57% Virgin wool 40% polyester 3% elastane Made in Italy Tagged EU 48R but fits more like a EU46R, please check the measurements Shoulder: 17" P2P: 18" Length from BOC: 27.75" Sleeve length: 23.5" Payment by Paypal or venmo
Agreed. They generally tend to be on the sweeter side as well to fit the Asian palate. But you can always find the versions that are heavily peated or bourbon or sherry casks, whatever you fancy.
IIRC, this book was irish linen 3305
Really? My tailor just ordered it.....
I've heard that spence Bryson weaves it
this one?
Nice article about Wilfred http://nymag.com/thecut/2015/06/mourning-one-of-new-yorks-greatest-tailors.html RIP
If OTR fits you OK, you may as well just get a J Crew suit on sale. It's not a bad suit at all for that price.
Monti does most of their fabrics in India now and partners with some shirt factories who do good work for mass-produced shirts
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