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The market for panerai has been super soft the past few years...
This attitude is what's destroying retail
Sporting the FPJ today
They are real. Rolex are abundant in HK.
You see BLNR's everywhere in HK. I've even seen them on the taxi and bus drivers' wrists
Coccinella does Florentine-style tailoring. There are other Japanese tailors that do Neapolitan.....
Automatic means that the watch is wound through your arm movement, which is moving a rotor that powers the watch.What kind of watch are you looking for? Dress, tool, sport?
Congrats. I'm sure your future commissions will turn out better and better. I've been meaning to try Coccinella.... I've ended up using Sarto Domenica and have loved his work so far
anyone have real life wear pics? been debating these but not sure how they'll look on my feet
thanks so much for the recommendation. I'm in touch with Graham and he seems very knowledgeable. I hope my insurance claim is resolved soon so Graham can repair the chair!!
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