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Extra 40% on the website
Anyone have a recommendation for a place that can do leather alterations? Need sleeves with zippers shortened for my leather jacket
Had Yamazaki 18 and Yoichi 20 yr single cask the other night at home with my cousin. While the Yamazaki is really good, it really paled in comparison to the Yoichi
How about Nomos or Tudor?
Prices includes shipping globally. PM if interested! 1. BBBF Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Burgundy Repp Tie. Brand new with tag. A tad over 2.75" width. 58% silk 42% cotton and made in the USA. $50 2. D'urban is a contemporary Japanese brand known for its simplicity and elegance. Grey knit tie. Ties a nice thick knot. 37% alpaca 18% wool 45% acrylic. Made in Italy. A smidge over 2" width. $35 3. Same tie as #2 but in navy. $35 4. D'urban wool gauze tie. Reminds...
Tried on a friend's new PP 5146G. Pretty incredible in person, though I was egging him on to get a 5970. Got a GMT Master 1675 by "accident." Threw in a low proxy bid in an auction and somehow won it. It's a 1971, all original, pretty near mint condition, original box but no papers. Seems like it was barely worn. I had always wanted a 1675 or 16750, and now after receiving it, I like it a lot more than I thought I would. I'll probably end up selling it though, if...
http://www.nonjatta.com/2014/12/Suntory-Price-Hikes.htmlPretty sure these price increases will be implemented in the USA as well.
Oh sh!t that's awesome. Been looking for a UG tri in rose gold.
Nice pickups! The Hibiki 17 is my go-to Japanese whiskey. Better pick up a few bottles and hold them as the prices are going up on April 1.
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