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thanks for the heads up! purchased a belt in natural and one in brown. i had wanted these so badly when they were released but didn't want to pay full retail
These have been worn a bit, but taken care of. The sole is not worn much and I've always used shoe trees. These beauties are no longer produced, and are in the special dig-dye sigaro leather. Can include the shoes trees for an extra $20.
Maybe the interlining is unfused. The above brands you mentioned used mostly fused interlinings. You'll just need to iron more carefully to avoid the additional crinkles.
I don't know why Nike sizing is all over the place. Here's what I have: Old AJF4 Size 8 Old lunar 1's Size 9 Nike free 5.0 Size 8.5 Nike Air max 1 OG size 8.5 I remember trying on the Flyknit lunar 1's and the 8.5 fit ok. So should I get 8 or 8.5 in the racers?
should i get the same size in the racers as i am in the free 5.0?
Looking to buy a few pieces for a project. Can be any size. The important thing is that the wash or fading from being worn in looks nice and natural. Shipping will be to HK. please pm your offers with photos.
Was gonna pull the trigger on the suede loafers. Had my eye on them for a while. Darn. Guess ill pass now.
Tudor Pelagos
pulled the trigger on a tudor pelagos.... pics to come
prices dropped
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