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Congrats, @mafoofan. It really looks lovely. Serious question - ALS 1815 up/down vs FP Journe Chronometre Bleu? the FP Journe is roughly $6k less, mint but second hand. ALS is new in WG. Edit: Wow, just saw this on Hodinkee Same price range new as the ALS.....
Wow too bad this would make a great sports coat
those ties are pretty fugly.... the pocket squares, however, were really nice
@chobochobo thanks! I walk on Theatre Lane all the time but have never seen a tailor shop..... whereabouts is it?
Does anyone know any reweavers in HK, preferably in TST? Realized I have two small moth holes in a suit that I should get repaired
Had a dram of this very lovely bottle last night
What don't you like about it? I wear my 312 almost daily.
The wrist shot of the 372 doesn't seem too big. I take back my previous comment. It's a great price and great piece, definitely get it (or both)
It's absolutely lovely. Have you considered the secondary market ? JLC doesn't seem to hold its value very well... [[SPOILER]]
Good price on the 372 but I think it's just too big. I'd go with the Cartier
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