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They can price their products however they like
For single watches there are a plethora of choices. A watch roll is really handy for bringing around watches locally to meet-ups and get togethers. For trips I always use hard cases like the ones linkee above.
I've posted my John Lobbs (below in my signature) which are UK 5.5 EE. I also have an brand new in box Edward Green chelsea in dark oak antique, UK 5.5/6 F in 82, first quality. Would be willing to sell at my purchase price
I use a roll most of the time and thinking about getting a case like this to bring more watches around I also have single or dual watch cases that I've gotten from various places that are OK too
open to offers on the dormeuil!
What does the tracking info say?
threw this on a blue strap. wears very well on the wrist and could be unisex. can be dressed up or down
thanks. indeed, much more interesting (and more reasonably priced) that most modern watches
He's an minor actor based in HK and a brother of Russell Wong, who achieved minor fame in the US in martial arts related movies. Michael has tried various retail ventures over the years, all of which seem to have not been successful. I believe these EG make-ups were from his store in Causeway Bay. The ebay seller must have picked up the inventory from the store's liquidation. Anyway, great looking boots!
If we're talking about blue dials, I find the dial on the FP Journe's chronometre bleu to be the most striking I've seen. I also really like the blue dial on the yves Klein AP RO 14790
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