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Never tried them firsthand but have heard rave reviews from others that have
@joshuadowen - have you ever tried the Wilfa WSCG-2? Heard very positive things about it for home grinding
@edmorel has two qualities for sale
Just did my first v60 brew. Previously was using Aeropress with Hario Skerton grinder v60 setup: Hario v60 01 Hario misarashi paper filter Fino kettle Hario olivewood server Workshop Coffee Kenya Kamacharia Farmers Co-op Society Kiriani, Murang'a I wanted 400ml of coffee (the capacity of the server) so used a roughly 15:1 ratio and ~26g of beans. Hand ground with the skerton. I think I used too much coffee for this brew as it filled up most of the v60. I followed...
Finally had my FPJ back on the wrist yesterday The the weather turned
Seems the original Shanklin laces are prone to breaking easily. Robert helped me out as well a few weeks back
why are gr@iled links banned here?
Do it! You won't regret it.
Selling a 2M length of the discontinued Hardy Minnis Riviera. Great fabric for a spring/summer sports jacket. Most accurate color is the one under the sun. Price includes shipping globally!
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