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This blazer has been only worn a handful of times and is in mint condition. So comfy and fits like a sweater. Super sartorial, I'd keep it but I lost weight. This could fit a US 36/38 and is tagged EU46 Double breasted knitted navy blazer Fits like a sweater Barchetta breast pocket Double vent 60% wool 40% cotton Measurements: Shoulders: 17.5" P2P: 18.5-19" Back of collar to hem: 26.75" Sleeve from shoulder: 24". Price includes global shipping.
Can anyone advise how the 4098 last compares to the 7000?
UGH!! I was going, but we had a senior management shakeup last week, and the new CEO wants to meet me mid-week in London. Next season.....
Anyone following today's Christie's sale in NY? I happened to be in NYC last week and was able to attend the first day of the preview. A few interesting lots, and a few watches that I surprisingly didn't like. Possibly looking at the A series Royal Oak or the jubilee Hated the small sized Aquanut and Nautilus Considering trading down my 38.5mm 1815 up down to the 36mm platinum if the price is right The vintage chronos were awesome but IMO are now overpriced Nothing I'm...
@Shirtmaven Carl, will there be any fabrics for sale?
I have another pair of butteros. Size down 1 from CP achilles
Unbelievable deals..... Picked up the Buttero suede sneakers I've wanted for a while and a GRP rollneck from the "regular" sale section
^^ agreed. Try wearing a fully-lined jacket in Asia's summer humidity....
Shanklins as well today
The morning session of the Christie's auction was pretty crazy. Was eyeing some lots and the bidding got so crazy I couldn't click fast enough. The almost $3M Breguet pocketwatch that was bought by the Patek museum was just stunning and all of the good lots broke the estimates. Hoping I might find some "value" lots in the afternoon session
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