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There are a ton of good places in London... google is your friend
wow that price has gone up a lot since I last used him
Seconded on the Caol Isla. I've had a few great independent, single casks releases that were phenomenal
@roomiller NATO strap for the lemania arrived, as well as a tan strap for the FPJ CB (So difficult to photograph properly) And still in love with the movement
Workshop is my favorite and I like TAP as well. I find the general quality of coffee here to be pretty good. Not a fan of Monmouth or Nude.
Out of control
Same here...
I love hibiki 17 and think it's the best in the range. I refuse to buy it now though due to the price hikes..... used to be ~$85 USD at duty free in Japan
I am in London at the moment.....
Sharing this new acquisition. Was looking for a fun, casual watch. Wanted to go vintage and wanted something with history and didn't want to spend too much. Ended up with this WW2 1940's Royal Navy lemania. Not super rare but not common either. Love the history of the case markings and how it was associated with the military/NATO. Awaiting a new NATO strap.
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