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Had a dram of this very lovely bottle last night
What don't you like about it? I wear my 312 almost daily.
The wrist shot of the 372 doesn't seem too big. I take back my previous comment. It's a great price and great piece, definitely get it (or both)
It's absolutely lovely. Have you considered the secondary market ? JLC doesn't seem to hold its value very well... [[SPOILER]]
Good price on the 372 but I think it's just too big. I'd go with the Cartier
Gents, any thoughts on the Glashutte senator chronometer? Looks like I might be able to get a rose gold version for a good deal.... Or should I save up more for an ALS 1815 up/down?
cold HK days? Nice overcoat!
A couple shots from the HK watches and wonders show
I've got these on the way Bunna 27 yrs single cask Tomatin 26 yrs single cask
Theory isn't a Japanese brand, though its current owners are Japanese. I've found that UA, Beams, and Ships generally have good quality products that they sell private label. But you have to be a bit discerning as each of those retailers have several sub brands as well. At the top end of their private labels brands, the products are made in Japan, so very high quality for the price. I usually wait for sale season where discounts can hit 30-60% off. There's no comparison...
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