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It's Nikka that's doing it, not Suntory, but I suspect Suntory's aged stocks are also getting low now as well
If anyone's interested in any striped suits, I might be able to get a few in the 246 and 184 models. And maybe a solid grey as well. PM me!
You should take a look at Ring Jacket, the japanese RTW brand. One of the best quality to price ratio you'll find for RTW, and they definitely make size 34's.
Let us know how it is after you get it. I've been eyeing it, but unsure on the sizing and how it is in person
Finally picked up my first pair of EG's - Wigmore in Tobacco Suede, which was a special makeup for Tassels HK. I'm surprised I fit in the 606E. I was never able to fit in the 888, and can only fit the 184 in F. Damn my wide feet. Pic (from Tassels)
I've had these shoes for a while, but only worn 5-6 times. I've decided that its just too tight for my wide feet so letting them go. Comes with lasted shoe trees, have to check if I still have the original box. Let me know if you have any questions!
1950's rose gold chronograph. Had it posted in the FS forum but no interest
I love the journe and the black bay
It's a really great watch. But I don't really like having too many watches and I'd like to start saving towards the Journe I want and eventually a PP 5712R. So I'm consolidating my watch collection. Already sold off a Pam 312 and putting my vintage Baume and mercier up for auction.I'm perfectly content with a rotation of ALS 1815 up/down, vintage longines 13zn chrono, and Tudor Pelagos. Add a fpj cb and I'll be content, for a while
Anyone looking for a BLNR? Offering it up here before I list it on the usual watch sites. PM me!
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