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Yes I love this as well. Was looking at vintage Patek sometime down the line, but instead might go after a Laurent ferrier galet with breguet numerals. Hoping one pops up in an auction...
@atia2 Well, they're bespoke/MTO watches in precious metals, made by hand using vintage tools/machines, so going to be expensive, though I don't think out of line for what you get. The above example has a black glossy dial, Gilt printing, applied 18k rose gold Breguet numerals, in a 18k rose and white gold case. The founder is a well known vintage watch dealer specializing in Patek.
I saw this and other models in person on Saturday. Top level execution and finishing. Price is $$$$
Tried on two grails today that I will probably bid on in upcoming auctions The universal geneve's bezel is kinda beat up but I like it! The SM300 "Big T" comes from the original owner, very good condition. Decisions, decisions.....
awesome, wear it well!!
FWIW, Visvim makes their shoes in China. Kinda off topic but... In this day and age, country of origin really does not matter anymore. You have factories in nearly any country who can produce high-quality garments. It's up the brands to use the right factories. I've had bad quality made in LA jeans and amazing made in China items, and vice versa. I think the real issue is not the country of origin but that RRL has a blanket huge markup on all of their items, regardless...
I'll be there on Saturday if anyone's going. Got tix to the vintage collectors talk and the Kari Voutilainen panel. SF meetup?
Thanks, watching this now while sipping a 1990/2015 glen garioch single cask!
VAT refund + depreciation of the pound makes it cheaper for touristsfor domestic buyers, their money is worth less overseas, which may make any previous price differentials a moot point.
last price drop. lowest price anywhere
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