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I've heard that spence Bryson weaves it
this one?
Nice article about Wilfred http://nymag.com/thecut/2015/06/mourning-one-of-new-yorks-greatest-tailors.html RIP
If OTR fits you OK, you may as well just get a J Crew suit on sale. It's not a bad suit at all for that price.
Monti does most of their fabrics in India now and partners with some shirt factories who do good work for mass-produced shirts
What's the story here? Chan made you a suit that doesn't fit?
Those fabrics are prewashed. For example, Albini has a range of lightweight denim fabrics that are prewashed to be made into casual shirts. But you won't get the highs and lows at the seams.
If any of you are in Hong Kong, you can source cut lengths of denim or casual shirting fabric pretty easily. But what are you guys planning to make with denim? Most tailors don't know how to handle denim, and these kinds of shirts should be washed at an industrial laundry.
Yep their business is consistency @ scale
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