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A selection of my friend's collection that resides in HK. He has 3x that many rare bottles sitting in Taiwan
It's pretty tough these days to find any of the rare or highly coveted releases now. They're either pre-sold, or literally sold out in seconds when released.If you're going to Osaka, you could check out the Yamazaki Distillery. IIRC, they still sell some special bottlings and owner's casks there.
No, it's because the Yamazaki 2013 was the top whiskey in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2015
no, he's talking about the Yamazaki 2013 NAS
From my experience there is a wide fluctuation in how the K fits from style to style
You have to see the FPJ CB in person. The hue of the blue dial changes from every direction you look at it. It's just a beaut. Can't wait til I get mine. There isn't a waiting list to speak of. I've been to 3 boutiques recently and in every location it was in stock.
Have worn these once for a few hours. These are basically brand new. Still have the tag. I'll be shipping from Hong Kong, so the shipping cost is a bit higher.
@clee1982 thanks!
BNWT. Believe this is in the slim fit but please check the measurements. Tagged 38-82 // 15-32 1/3. Made in Japan with 80's long staple Xinjiang cotton. Nice spread collar. P2P: 19.75" Shoulders: 17.25"
Cone also has a China mill
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