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This is badass, but costs around 900 euros
sent PM
FWIW I got my Pelagos new in HK for around $3000 and see them regularly new at watch shops for around $3500
They used to manufacture some shirts in the UK
All prices include international shipping. 1. Uniqlo 100% cotton peacoat size S. Has been worn and washed but in very good condition. Fits nice and slim. $OLD 2. Comme des Garcons Homme Deux shirt. Size XS. 100% cotton made in Japan. Has only been worn once. Mint condition. Very rare CdG line. $150 shipped 3. Opening Ceremony Shawl Collar size XS, but fits like an S. Interior lining in Gray is made of wool/poly and removable. Outer is 100% cotton in Olive. Removable...
:DPrices include international shipping from Hong Kong (heavy). Might be able to give you a deal on multiple issues depending on your location, but shipping really kills it. Men's Ex, Feb 2013 $16 Men's Ex, Mar 2013 $16 Men's Ex, May 2014 $16 Men/s Ex, June 2014 $16 Popeye, Mar 2013 $14 Brutus Casa Mar 2013 $15 Clutch Oct 2013 $16 Clutch/Men's File Special Issue Feb 2014 $OLD Clutch May 2014 $16 Clutch June 2014 $16 Free & Easy Feb 2014 $OLD Free & Easy Jun 2014...
What are the prices like for a bespoke suit or jacket in Korea? I fly there a lot for business
It's an online marketplace like Taobao or Ebay.... the shops are run independently, Rakuten is just the platform. If they don't like international shipping, they probably don't offer it. But you can email the seller to ask.
What about their navy seersucker suit in cotton/silk? Would seem to be a better choice for an outdoor summer wedding
Sorry forgot a 0, should be 120,000
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