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yes it is. carmina has a much higher level of leathers and finishing. meermin's product just can't compare
And it's also impossible to find at duty free now. All sold out. I'm kicking myself for not buying the older expressions, i.e. 25 years and above. At duty free, they used to be $500-1000, and these days, you can easily sell them for double that.
Can you open the caseback?
I'm lusting for this in rose gold.....
Thanks! I think my (attainable) grail vintage watch in an unpolished Universal Geneve tri-compax in rose gold, something like this:
That example has a different dial. Mine has the inner snail scale and this does not. I need to see the dial under a loupe to look at some more details, but it seems to be the same exact watch here:http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/the-last-watch-i-bought-and-the-ups-and-downs-of-buying-old-watchesThe monopusher is one of the rarer examples of the Longines chrono with 13zn movement. I can't comment on the price other than it seems expensive. Hard to say as the actual "value" in...
Thanks, gents!It's 37mm and has the 13zn movement
Vintage Longines today
I've used Peninsula, Elements, and Prince's building for various reasons. All have been very good. Sorry to hear about your experience and I hope the shirts turn out ok.
I used to get shirts from Jantzen and Lee Baron, but now exclusively use AC. Fit and construction is top notch. It's worth the money to me....
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