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Looks like we have enough people now @LTDL let's get it started!
do you have measurements?
Liverano is Florence
Sorry to burst your bubble but unless she's very lucky, she won't be able to find anything.
The program seems really interesting. All topics that I'd want to hear about. But I wouldn't pay $3500.
I'm actually going to be in NYC next week if anyone has interest, or I can ship within the US
yes as I said i am still in
The warranty card would get registered with the manufacturer upon the initial purchase, if from an authorized retailer.Paypal should be safe as you're protected in case anything isn't as described
1. comes with everything that came in the original package2. yes if the card is stamped by an authorized dealer. may have someone else's name on itWhich forum is it on? If the seller has a good reputation on watch forums you can be pretty certain everything that's he/she is legit.
If you're using similar fabric it should be fine. If you're going with significantly lighter or heavier weight fabric I'd recommend at least one fitting
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