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I'd go back to TCNY and talk about the issues you have with thto first suit. I am sure they will be able to fix them on a second commission. Bear in mind that they run a MTM operation, not bespoke. If it's a fit or styling issue, it can be corrected.
What are your thoughts on the Picadilly in black? There's a last pair in my size for a good price and they fit well. But I don't normally wear black shoes.
Got the last Albacore Denim Shirt on MrP.... hoping that it fits and that its worth the price
The two-tone is awesome! What's the trade you're going to do?
PSA https://onlineonly.christies.com/s/christies-watch-shop/gmt-master-ref-16753-501/18697?pid=ecom_watches_recent7
Thanks for the mention!
Selling my BLNR, which was purchased in Aug 2014 and still under warranty until 2017. I got this in a trade with another member, and to purchase a grail, have decided to sell it. It has not been worn much. There are desk diving scratches on the polished center links which I've shown in the pics. It is a full boxed set with all extra links and stamped warranty card. Asking $8200 net to me via wire transfer or a local transaction in Hong Kong. Shipping is not included but...
Placed an order last week for some Saphir products and extra products. Everything came quickly and well packed. thanks!!!
Has anyone ever had experience with a suede protector called Amedas? Made in Japan. My shoe guy in HK says it's better than saphir invulner.
Those patterns are amazing..... but are the edges still hand stitched? in the closeups the edges look rolled but machine stitched
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