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Not really. At this point they're probably losing money with all the logistics costs
I prefer more classic sizes and I'd say 35-38mm are my sweet spot. It depends on how big your wrist is.
Not sure if this helps, but I wear UK 5.5 in 82F, UK6 in 202 and 606E
PM'd you.
My two faves
awesome quality. fits about a 1/2 size big
Arrival in time for Xmas Two tone 14790, unpolished, nearly mint, box and papers. Surprised that I'm loving it this much so far. I posted about this a few months back and was debating between the RO and Nautilus. After trying on both several times, decided that I liked the lines of the RO better. Tried on both 15202 and 5402's, and while they weren't too overly large, the 14790 just fit my wrist a lot better. On another note, after wearing more watches in the 36mm...
Don't know what happened, but he's a one man show.
I'm debating selling my Lange 1815 up/down in rose gold, 39mm, mint, box/papers. PM if you have a serious inquiry
its still 40 GBP or so in the UK
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