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Ah, my bad, still independent. I remember in 2000 they traded some business interests in JLC and incorrectly thought some piece of AP went to Richemont. Carry on...
My mistake!
Full of franken and redials
The cafes on there are pretty exhaustive and pretty much highlights the coffee scene here, which overall, is pretty good. You can find a decent drip/filter or espresso at many places. My favorite is still Workshop Coffee, but they are inconsistent from location to location. Their best, IMO, is their original location in Clerkenwell. I still find my home brewed filter V60 (with Workshop beans) better than any cafe, though.
Looks dope!
awesome, congrats!!
Something different - a RRL suede NATO strap, made in the USA. If anyone sees any other NATO's in the outlets or elsewhere, I'm very interested
Wow that was fast....
I have a wider foot and in carmina the only last that fits well is the inca. the robert fits OK but i wouldn't say it fits well. considering a chukka boot in detroit which I've read is wide. should I go the same size as the inca or size down 0.5?
when are these and the dalcuore going to be unveiled?
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