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You asked about suits/trousers. I've done two blazers CMT, and have done shirts CMT and with their fabric choices as well. Will post some pics later
I've done CMT and the final product was great
Thanks to @CHRK33 for helping me acquire one of my grail watches I'll be out of the game for a while
15202 in rose gold
first day out in the wild
any idea what the price will be?
the 572 is excellenton the other hand, the 573 is amazingI'm a big fan of the micro-rotor, especially finished in gold. But the pricepoint is too high. Would rather purchase other watches in that price range.
It's not surprising that they don't have NY size shirts in their Japan stores. They have a big business in Japan, and the Japanese men in general have shorter arms.
Try Hakushu 18. Will blow your mind.
I'd go back to TCNY and talk about the issues you have with thto first suit. I am sure they will be able to fix them on a second commission. Bear in mind that they run a MTM operation, not bespoke. If it's a fit or styling issue, it can be corrected.
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