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You have to see the FPJ CB in person. The hue of the blue dial changes from every direction you look at it. It's just a beaut. Can't wait til I get mine. There isn't a waiting list to speak of. I've been to 3 boutiques recently and in every location it was in stock.
Have worn these once for a few hours. These are basically brand new. Still have the tag. I'll be shipping from Hong Kong, so the shipping cost is a bit higher.
@clee1982 thanks!
BNWT. Believe this is in the slim fit but please check the measurements. Tagged 38-82 // 15-32 1/3. Made in Japan with 80's long staple Xinjiang cotton. Nice spread collar. P2P: 19.75" Shoulders: 17.25"
Cone also has a China mill
Circa 1950's Manual wind chronograph Just serviced by Classic Watch Repair in HK (3 months warranty) Case is lightly polished Nice size at 37mm Asking $2700 NET to me
Price dropped!
where are these from? they're lovely!
I wear the Inca last, and the Simpson is way too narrow
@Bloomsbury2k you could also consider Ascot Chang. I believe they can do less than $20k, depending on the fabric and would be able to do two fittings in the time you're in HK. I've seen a few of their bespoke suit commissions and they're really good.
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