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Finally picked up my first pair of EG's - Wigmore in Tobacco Suede, which was a special makeup for Tassels HK. I'm surprised I fit in the 606E. I was never able to fit in the 888, and can only fit the 184 in F. Damn my wide feet. Pic (from Tassels)
I've had these shoes for a while, but only worn 5-6 times. I've decided that its just too tight for my wide feet so letting them go. Comes with lasted shoe trees, have to check if I still have the original box. Let me know if you have any questions!
1950's rose gold chronograph. Had it posted in the FS forum but no interest
I love the journe and the black bay
It's a really great watch. But I don't really like having too many watches and I'd like to start saving towards the Journe I want and eventually a PP 5712R. So I'm consolidating my watch collection. Already sold off a Pam 312 and putting my vintage Baume and mercier up for auction.I'm perfectly content with a rotation of ALS 1815 up/down, vintage longines 13zn chrono, and Tudor Pelagos. Add a fpj cb and I'll be content, for a while
Anyone looking for a BLNR? Offering it up here before I list it on the usual watch sites. PM me!
From bottom of collar
I don't like the wording, but don't consider it a deal breaker.
Im also looking for one, to shorten sleeves from the shoulder.
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