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I've got these on the way Bunna 27 yrs single cask Tomatin 26 yrs single cask
Theory isn't a Japanese brand, though its current owners are Japanese. I've found that UA, Beams, and Ships generally have good quality products that they sell private label. But you have to be a bit discerning as each of those retailers have several sub brands as well. At the top end of their private labels brands, the products are made in Japan, so very high quality for the price. I usually wait for sale season where discounts can hit 30-60% off. There's no comparison...
AC has a shop in Manilla. Recommend them over Chan for shirts. AC can also do your suit at the same level as Chan.... might be worth looking into as it could save you time and $$$
This is only for the 246 jacket model..... they have several different styles. Check their rakuten site for each style's measurements
The FW'14 catalogue is here: http://www.youblisher.com/p/950118-RING-JACKET-2014-FALL-WINTER-COLLECTION/
This is a standard way for packing denim/washed pants.... it's to make sure that the pants don't look too flat when it hits the store shelves, as the manufacturers sometimes may accidentally iron the pants or fold them too flat. I would have expected RL to repack it to ship to consumers though
Did you wash it yet? There will be some shrinkage so the fit might be better afterwards.
Tried Ardbeg Ardbog last night There's always a lot of hype around Ardbeg releases but this one was really good!
updated with better pics and more information.
All brand new. Price includes global shipping. Payment by paypal or bank transfer. 70% wool, 30% silk Bengal tiger print - $75 3 different colorways available Elephant print - $70 3 2 different colorways available Navy blue base with green edges sold PM if interested!
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