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Here's their Rakuten shop http://www.rakuten.co.jp/ringjacket1954/
Thanks and agreed. Just wanted a few points of reference for somewhere to start. Will come back after doing some more research and trying on a few more watches. Cheers guys
OK. Don't like Rolex except vintage GMT Master II's with the Pepsi bezel. I like cleaner, easy to read dials. I like vintage or vintage-inspired dials. Looking for something classy but versatile enough to wear with casual outfits. Lange 1815 looks interesting. A used 1815 up/down might be a stretch price-wise but could work as well. I mean, I really don't know what I'm looking for as I haven't shopped for watches in this price range.
Thanks! Open to any other suggestions as well
Yeah, $12-13k sounds about right. Used is fine. I'd be open to trade or sell one or both watches for the next one. In general I don't like chronos and prefer a date window but those aren't dealbreakers. I usually go by looks first and then look into the movement and other details. The RO intrigues me, but when I put it on, it didn't speak to me. Maybe I need to try it again? I actually like the 15305 but its out of my price range and my girlfriend hates it. I like the...
I currently have a Panerai 312 and a Tudor Pelagos. Getting a little bored and doing some research into possibly trading up for something else. I generally don't need to wear suits often so am not looking for a pure dress watch. Any suggestions?
a lot of stuff sold already!! spreadsheet has been updated
All prices include global shipping. Prices in USD and payment by paypal or any other reputable payment services. There are quite a few items so I put them in this spreadsheet (download it and open in Excel): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxEJwM_sHP7Udjh5a1FpRzBMTVU/edit?usp=sharing Please PM with any interest. Thanks!
I've tried several shirt makers in HK and I still find AC the best. Have you tried talking to them about the quality issues you encountered? They've always bent over backwards to correct any issues that I've had.
Fransboone @ 50% off now
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