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Thanks guys. What number do you recommend calling? I called earlier today and it went to a Phillippines call center. The csr said she could not comment on the case and to use the procedure within the case to have eBay review it which is after 7 days. Ideally I'd like this resolved asap if possible.
He sent these messages within the return request: Info from the buyer Reason Doesn't seem authentic Comments Hi, I pay for orginal box and i got fake. Is not leather.If you make a part fefund i can keep documents and send back that box or i can post them all. Please send me return address. Regards Robert I responded as I stated above and uploaded the receipt. He says: Please send me your full address to return this box, and full refund with postage. Your choice. IWC...
So he opened a claim citing something is wrong with the item. Do you think ebay will side with him? I've uploaded the original receipt and responded. Talked to an ebay CSR who said I can tell my side of the story at the end of the return response period, including the messages he sent asking to just buy the guarantee card and asking for a partial refund for just the card.Buyer is threatening negative feedback now as well....
Really a pain to deal with these shady buyers. I sold an IWC watch box with booklet/guarantee card from an expensive IWC watch I used to own. Buyer messaged me asking if I would sell just the booklets and guarantee card and I said no, as they have more value together as a set. He then makes a decent offer for the full set that I accept. Today, he messages he saying that the inner box is fake and not leather. Of course its leather, it's IWC. Back and forth, I send him the...
They can price their products however they like
For single watches there are a plethora of choices. A watch roll is really handy for bringing around watches locally to meet-ups and get togethers. For trips I always use hard cases like the ones linkee above.
I've posted my John Lobbs (below in my signature) which are UK 5.5 EE. I also have an brand new in box Edward Green chelsea in dark oak antique, UK 5.5/6 F in 82, first quality. Would be willing to sell at my purchase price
I use a roll most of the time and thinking about getting a case like this to bring more watches around I also have single or dual watch cases that I've gotten from various places that are OK too
open to offers on the dormeuil!
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