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Two items from the closet that don't get enough wear 1. Stone Island Red Tela Stela Cotton Canvas Jacket, size S 9/10, gently worn and taken care of Field Jacket in Tela Stella, the fabric on which Stone Island was founded in 1982. The inspiration for Tela Stella was drawn from the study of the technical and functional characteristics of military truck tarpaulins. This cotton canvas is impregnated on both sides with special pigmented resins in contrasting colours. The...
Tagged EU46, waist measures 15.5-15.7 inches across These were purchased for work as a sample. Have been sitting around a while so I washed them on gentle and air dried. Never worn.
Used navy lambskin BV cardholder. Special edition color. Lots of life left. On the inside of the front slots on both sides, the lining is coming loose. Sold as-is
price dropped!!
it's a wool/silk/linen mix but unfortunately don't know the mill. it's from a liverano for the armoury jacket
Would he consider any of the independents? Laurent Ferrier comes to mind
You spoke too soon re: hodinkee
I've heard very good things about the feldgrind. But that costs 99 gbp and the hario costs $20-30 usd. My wilfa svart was cheaper than the feldgrind.
Thanks for this! Yes I do have a smaller wrist which is why I was considering the smaller and less pricey variants. I have tried on all of them. The smaller ones are fine, though the jumbo and 5711 are also not too large on my wrist. I'm concerned more about the servicing costs of the older models and have been looking for examples in good condition that have been serviced. 5402's and 3700's are skyrocketing in price so seems like by the time I'm ready to buy they are more...
Aeropress. Good for travel too. You need the right grinder to go along with it. I recommend the hario skerton
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