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Barneys up to 60% off
IMO, the purple SC would look great, especially with some suede elbow patches
Indigo x Lange
yep. It's classic Simon Spurr
I'm feeling this one by Kent and Curwen
For one, there are different tax and import duty considerations based on different countries. They ship DDP (delivered duty paid), so that accounts for some of the difference.
What price do you mean by "cheap?"
I have a similar wrist size and I found the 572's size to be just right, probably owing to the curved caseback. It was very comfortable and light on the wrist, compared to my 312. Aesthetically I like the 512 as well, but find the 572 more balanced.Here are some more pics of the Lange:
Will post some more pics under better light tomorrow. Dropped off my PAM 312 for service today and tried on the new 572 in steel and red gold. The red gold is really lovely, but IMO overpriced. Now I'm thinking about trading my 312 + cash or 312 + Tudor Pelagos for a 572 in steel..... decisions, decisions. I still want the FPJ Chronometre Bleu too..... This thread is so dangerous
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