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Dear Styleforum gentlemen,   We are introducing a new fabric collection. Our stretch cotton shirting from TESSITURA MONTI looks classic enough for any occasion while providing maximum comfort. As we always pre-wash each fabric before cutting, you don't need to worry about the shrinkage problem that commonly happens on stretch shirts. Visit our website and customize your shirts today!   Below are some of our new fabric collection.              
  Dear customers outside the United States, Now we are offering FREE worldwide shipping! Of course, you can still use the Special 10% Discount code :STYLEFORUM 
Thank you for your interest,   As mentioned above, we offer a free fitting shirt on your first purchase to provide a true bespoke fitting experience. Let us know if you have any questions!
Thank you,   If you have any questions regarding our brand, I will be more than happy to answer them here!
Dear Styleforum gentlemen,   My name is Park, co-founder of MATCHVM. I am excited to introduce our quality bespoke shirts here.   MATCHVM (pronounced Match-uhm) is a new online bespoke shirtmaker, but our team consists of tailors and merchandisers with profound experience in classic menswear. Our co-founder operates the best quality factory in Seoul, and we directly control every step of the process from fabric selection to the final stitching.   For the last decade,...
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