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Quote: Originally Posted by highlighter Also in the same vein, has anyone here ever transferred to a higher ranked college? If one has relatively high SATs and maintains an A-/B+ college GPA, is it an easy process to switch up at the end of one's freshman year? I thought this was the main reason people transferred?
What will it say on your diploma?
back on topic, really, SOM belongs where it is on the rankings (around #10). I might choose it over Stern, I wouldn't choose it over Haas, Chicago, Tuck. Definitely not over HSM (M=MIT). And I would definitely choose it over the UCLAs, Austins, UVAs, Dukes, etc. Yale is trying to be the next Tuck or Haas right now. It can't even sniff being the next Harvard, yet. Of course, a scholarship would change things. I would take SOM tuition scholarship over Tuck no...
If I have no data limit on an iphone, is it still worth it to buy Tapatalk? Do pics appear or not?
recents: JM Aristocraft vintage, Alden Chromexcel Plain Toe, Alden Longwing Suede Commando, Trickers Eaton
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan Is #4 the Chepstow? What are the suede chukkas? #4 is a Brooks Peal on 240 on ridgeway Suede chukkas are Lands End by Sargent (tan) or Grenson Rose (dark brown)
the monk is the Ben Silver Mortimer on 330, it fits narrow in the toe (measures shorter too). I have a ton of sold pics too. I'll try to dig them out
#1 and #4 are CJ in the following pic
drop also, 9D Natural Chromexcel PTBs coming soon
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