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For me, "Arrival at Unit" appeared in the morning, and it was delivered to my apt that evening. As always, USPS tracking is not really tracking.
Wait, these are the pics? The fit looks perfectly good, and slightly looser than mine. Unless you simply like it to be more slouchy which is fine. Why did you order a 36 if you knew the 38 worked?Everyone keep in mind though, mine seems very elastic, I wouldn't pass judgment on fit until after wearing for a few hours.
Yeah for taller people I'm guessing they have to size up, compared to me at least. These aren't like normal shirts or cheap sweaters (the kind I'm used to) with a shoulder seam, for example I think someone who is really wide and short could wear the same size as someone who is tall and skinny with long arms.Nice! I don't remember anyone else saying they ordered thunder. After receiving this epic piece I'm now going to be on the prowl for some way to order the tweed colors...
Here are pics, size 38 Marled Thunder (grey and navy blue twisted yarn, as far as I can tell). I usually wear S, chest 39, 5'8", 150 lb. The color is hard to capture. In fact I thought from the original post it was grey and dark gray, or gray and black. This is better.
I think it depends on a number of factors, IIRC Rkd even cuffed his joint a full 2-3" and it still looked pretty looseAlso, there was some discussion of natural variance due to the handmade nature.Also, these things are springy as hell, a lot of give.Anyway, if you measure X and ordered X+2, you are definitely in the safe zone. On the other hand if you measure 39 like me but are 6foot 3, the sleeves might not be long enough
Should be fine, I measure 39 and my 38 works, unless you have long arms.
Got mine, fit is perfect (I prefer a little stretch going on when buttons are done). Pics coming. This thing is freaking heavy. It's exactly what I imagined when thinking of the heaviest, old-school type of wool available.I ordered 38 and it measures 19" across on the exterior, exactly like Ziss said. 40 would have worked but I would probably be cuffing the sleeves, which I hate doing.We could just try to shift everyone up the line (although chances at the bigger sizes...
Mine is the same, shows as having been accepted into USPS but no updates beyond that. I'm on the east coast so I would think it would get from NY harbor to me very quick, but nothing yet. Edit: the pkg is one zip code digit away from me at some sorting station fuuuuuuuuuuu........
I've had worse luck dry cleaning than hand-washing.I hand-wash all my wools, except for suits/outerwear.
this setup looks horrific. just get one of the briefcases instead.Filsons are not known for their internal organization. Either get a zippered tote and deal (plenty of outside pocked, not much inside) or get one of the briefcases, or get something else. Personally I don't see the point of a Filson as a diaper bag, they age great, they aren't for convenience, unless you plan to have infant babies for 10 years straight?
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