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I don't follow this thread much but I knew all this discussion of this douchey seller could only be one guy . When I looked up the ID, I was right, and this was one of the top listings:http://www.ebay.com/itm/PERSONALIZED-SILVER-METAL-PHOTO-PICTURE-ALBUM-WOMEN-MEN-WEDDING-GIFT-ENGRAVED-/260907244493?pt=US_Photo_Albums_Boxes&hash=item3cbf489bcd#ht_2939wt_1185I love how he models all the clothes no matter what, from size S to XL (not exaggerating). For some reason, I was...
Looks great. Are you liking it better or do you still feel it is too small?
even their picture frame listings are personally jock-worn
Eh, I think it's more of an issue where everyone here did the SF traditional size-down, but these just don't work that well with a size down. Also, people never accepted that a tagged Inverallan 40 is like a suit size 37, even though that's what the stated dimensions suggested. Seems these are meant to be worn quite loose, I would say even Zissou's blue crewneck is tighter than "intended".Are there any galleries of finished items in rare colors? I'm curious as to what...
Zissou, both of those look great. I would say both are the right size.
I think erring on the large side is fine. More like a true cardigan and less like a short jacket
I saw those the other day, but are they really cotton? I never understood thick cotton sweaters (really heavy, doesn't shed water, not warm)
For me, "Arrival at Unit" appeared in the morning, and it was delivered to my apt that evening. As always, USPS tracking is not really tracking.
Wait, these are the pics? The fit looks perfectly good, and slightly looser than mine. Unless you simply like it to be more slouchy which is fine. Why did you order a 36 if you knew the 38 worked?Everyone keep in mind though, mine seems very elastic, I wouldn't pass judgment on fit until after wearing for a few hours.
Yeah for taller people I'm guessing they have to size up, compared to me at least. These aren't like normal shirts or cheap sweaters (the kind I'm used to) with a shoulder seam, for example I think someone who is really wide and short could wear the same size as someone who is tall and skinny with long arms.Nice! I don't remember anyone else saying they ordered thunder. After receiving this epic piece I'm now going to be on the prowl for some way to order the tweed colors...
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