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The fit looks right to me. I don't think mine curves out like that when lying flat though. Strange
I'm gonna need a bigger Snark Bag. any recs?
No, they are designed to attach together side-by-side like Voltron and form one gigantic pubescent douchebag
Only one thing would make me kop another 6 lb sweater, and donegal is it
Many newer washers, or euro/asian market washers (Miele, LG, etc) have had a wool setting for some years.There's nothing magical about a washing machine, it just adds water, your soap, and shakes it around and spins it at the end. I hand wash any knit that is important to me.
Well, volunteering someone else to send a card for you is not exactly ultra generous.
the fit looks right on. Anyone order a Loden? Was creeping through some .jp and found this. The color works well with the wood buttons
Really? that's how about 99% of all brogue-punched shoes in the history of shoes is done
Does she use a computer? I find non-technical people have the hardest time with getting the photos out of the camera and into their preferred format. I've seen years-old digital cameras that have never ever had their images transferred anywhere.
I wore mine last night in 35 deg weather with a single t shirt underneath, felt great. Didn't realize how cold it was until I took off my gloves to check my phone, my bare hands couldn't stand it for more than 30 seconds. PS everyone who has posted pics is looking great
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