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Has anyone repaired/attached a button yourself on the WWII versions? It looks like there is extra thick thread, a long shank, and the thread only goes through one layer on the back side. I'm ready to try it but it looks tricky.
Perfect fit, IMO. In fact I plan to get a 40 next time (I have similar measurements to you and got a 38)
Damn, look at that thing!
Damn, old threads bringing back memories
Sounds about right... if you are Japanese.
You guys are still into shawl collars? They still make those? I wore mine the other day, breaking grannies necks
If their measurements are accurate, it looks like they ordered +2 inch on the sleeves
The fit looks right to me. I don't think mine curves out like that when lying flat though. Strange
I'm gonna need a bigger Snark Bag. any recs?
No, they are designed to attach together side-by-side like Voltron and form one gigantic pubescent douchebag
New Posts  All Forums: