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9.5 D. edited now.
9.5 D Brand new with everything, bags, extra laces, etc. These are from circa 2008, made by Sargent, retailed for $468 or whatever it was back in the day. Very nice details, no medallion, and layered stained leather/dainite combo sole. Perfect for upcoming warm weather excursions and weddings. If you are SF/SJ local, we can meet for cash and $10 discount. Otherwise buyer pays for exact shipping. First quality.
I believe viscose is spandex/lycra. At 32% it sounds like a high stretch cloth.
Price reduction: $615 -> $550->$525 Location: Bay Area New handgrade 337 Cliffords in Tan. They are complete in box with everything, even extra laces. These retail for $775 right now. To me they are the ultimate wingtip, I just need the cash at the moment. I fully plan to get this shoe again when I can. They look like they were tried on in store, never outside. Edit: see clee's comment below. These must be 9E UK/9.5D US. A note on size: These were bought at Barneys in...
Iron Heart 634
Have been saving these for years, I decided they probably won't get worn much by me. $515 plus shipping, new in box. I stored these unbuckled to minimize storage effects. That's how wild I am. They are on ebay for $520 with 13 ppl watching and a week to go. Meet in person gets another $10 discount for cash. I am in Northern California. Shipping estimates: California $17, NYC $22, Intl $50. Shipping is a bit on the high side due to insurance value on $500.
They have specials at the SF store, they don't have any kind of "no discounts ever" rule like some luxury brands. They will almost always be special run models with a few odd sizes left. If you are in SF you also have other options for occasional discounts: Brooks Bros, Union Made, Barneys, etc.
First off, I totally encourage you to experiment with coloring if you want to try. It's pretty hard to completely ruin a shoe. But I don't think you will be able to get it this dark unless you do one of those acetone strip and restain, etc.I used to have a very light tan pair of CJ Polo Jodhpurs, they were one of my favorites but they fit odd, that is the only reason I got rid of them. The color was great.
Mine are a makeup for Barneys US and are a true dark brown, not the same color as yours. Probably not due to age.I would not try to make them darker. Your color looks fine, many igents here prefer the lighter tans. there are plenty of dark brown boots you can get if that is what you want.I believe the Grenson are called Smith.
I'm not even that enamored with double prongs nor slant edges. Heck I don't even like the symmetrical buckles, but if this is 6mm+ thick, I'm in.
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