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You wetmouths making me all agitated. Gonna rock my marled thunder tomorrow.
gore-tex lined smokejumpers
Ah, that is good info. If you are sure of that, then they must be 9E UK, and are in fact US sized. Thanks.
$315-->$260-->$240 plus metered USPS, $10 discount for cash meetup Located in San Jose, CA I have had these for years, never wore them, for sale now. Please note the shoe bags aren't included (misplaced them during a move). One of the rarest PS shoes out there.
There's no logical reason they would be F width. They say "D", are either D-UK or D-US
They say "9.5 D" everywhere on the shoe, on the box. I wear US 9.5 D US in almost every shoe I own. I own Polo Bentons in 9.5 D (for absolute certain sized for US) 337 last and these Cliffords fit a hair larger.Almost certainly not 8.5 E UK. They are larger.
dat vass
$625-->$595-->$575-->$550-sold Special edition Sandringham from circa 2007. Never worn, box, bags, everything. 202 last 9E UK, like 9.5 US. Box is a bit beat up. $575 plus exact shipping USPS priority, $20 local discount for cash/cashiers check (meet at a bank branch). I am in north San Jose, CA.
These are currently on ebay but I would certainly prefer to sell to an SFer. Good condition, used, 9 UK, pretty much like a 10 US. Very, very difficult to find the PS version of these Trickers, I think they stopped around 2006. $200 plus exact metered shipping USPS Priority. Local for $190 cash, willing to drive about 20 miles. I am in San Jose, CA.
You mean according to the length measurement? Or do you own these yourself? These fit me, and I have never worn 11 for a dress shoe in my life. I wear 9.5 or 10 D. They aren't loose either (spreadin' tha V, if you know what I mean).
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