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It also depends on the yarn. The smoothest one I felt was an Ivory color off eBay. Mine is much more roughSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I highly recommend the current Bison leather series. Better leather, better color (red sole). Womens' available in lower height, the fit shape is same as mens.
Women need wool too.
Really nice shoes that are 2 sizes too big!
Kanata, Granted, Canadian Sweater Company are all similar in quality. Of the three, I believe CSC is a bit nicer, but not a huge difference. I don't think any of them use Salish knitters consistently (maybe not at all).The best salish knit I've seen personally is the one Filson used a few years ago, called Canadian Artisiens. I have not found any more info about this company on the web.wtf, you guys really outdid yourselves. They should just raise their web order prices,...
Come on kids, enough with the dash-of-jaunty-flair colored soles already.
You wetmouths making me all agitated. Gonna rock my marled thunder tomorrow.
gore-tex lined smokejumpers
Ah, that is good info. If you are sure of that, then they must be 9E UK, and are in fact US sized. Thanks.
$315-->$260-->$240 plus metered USPS, $10 discount for cash meetup Located in San Jose, CA I have had these for years, never wore them, for sale now. Please note the shoe bags aren't included (misplaced them during a move). One of the rarest PS shoes out there.
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