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KMW makes some amazing denim, and this is a solid price. Somebody should pick these up!
I'd been thinking of trying one of Indochinos suits after reading some favorable reviews on some blogs, but after seeing the photos here, I'm pretty sure that's now completely out of the question.
What's the true color of the Borelli chinos? They look like they're two very different shades of blue between the photos.
Unfortunately I've already got a large number of striped shirts, but good luck with these.
I have to say that the two squares I received were nothing short of amazing. Thanks!
PM'd on two squares!
PM sent on the KMW's!
That's a great looking overcoat at a very good price. If only I hadn't bought a black DB one last year!
I'm a 16/33, so I'd be interested in seeing those Brioni shirts. That Bally bag looked awesome, no surprise that it was snapped up fast!
and PM sent...!
New Posts  All Forums: