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Wow, nice collection of suits and jackets. How's the fit difference between the hickey style line and the Hickey Freeman Sport look like? I've got a hickey style that really fits well, but I could be swayed to pick up #13...
PMed on #1
PM sent! No, really, guys.
What's the length of the inseam on these trousers?
PM Sent, definitely interested.
I bought several shirts from James Nicholas through his Alternative Apparel Wholesale connection. Not only are they possibly some of the best t-shirts I now have, he was absolutely professional about the transaction with a pretty good turnaround and even getting me a tracking number to follow the order. Thanks James!
Ed, do you have any cotton/linen fabrics? I love your stylings and details on these, but yes, a nice summer weight for the heat and humidity would be amazing. I'm voting for either a navy, gray, or light off-white color!
Lordamercy, that is gorgeous.
I can't remember the last time I saw a better dressed dinosaur. The silk jacket and the linen jacket look amazing.
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