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Quote: Originally Posted by Ngredient Dayammmmmmmmmmmm are those stock photos? A little time and a small studio always helps. Prices dropped!
edit: Final drops before moving these to eBay!Some spring cleaning due to the hammer put down from the girlfriend. I usually wear a US8.5 wide or a US9D.Shipping is free CONUS through USPS with tracking.I'll take Paypal payments as a gift, or add 4% as a normal payment.Camper loafersEU size 41, fits comfortably, but only wore these dark brown loafers a handful of times. Some scuffs, but a polish would take those out easily. Plenty of life still in the soles, I'd rate these...
Bump for some nice lookin' hi tops.
Very nice looking boots!
Awesome belt. I've been eyeing this one, too bad it's too big for me!
Received my bottles of YSL La Nuit Pour L'Homme and Creed GIT from CologneReview in fantastic atomizers. Thanks!
Rawr. Very nice bag. Tempting...
Nice boots! You might have better luck with the sale if you mention the actual fit in the title. Good luck!
I love those Moras...wish they were in a 9D! Although I'm guess if they were, you'd be keeping them yourself!
Had I not just purchased those Tricker's a few weeks ago, those Hermes would be off the table by now. Bump for a fantastic seller.
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