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This is my first sale on SF. I'm typically a buyer, so it's a bit odd for me to start a new thread. I've started the process with cleaning out my closet of things that just don't see the light of day. I'll start with what I'm hoping will be an easy sell. A large Gucci newsboy cap, a gift from a few years back, but I've only worn 2-3 times, and it needs a better home with somebody who'll actually wear it. The days when I'd still rock something like this are long gone. ...
look good, z! PM sent.
That Raf x Fred Perry polo is ridiculously awesome. Hope somebody picks it up quick!
PM sent on the navy knit tie.
Hm, I had to refresh the thread to get them to come up. That's a fantastic color combination.
Photos would help...
After sitting for two days on his desk, I received this email from my friend: "I just received a giant daed fish in the mail at the office. it's a little bit funny and a little bit disturbing. it's mostly smelly; it's starting to rot. Thanks."
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent That's an awfully lot of money to prank someone. But for buying it. Ha! It wasn't that much. I'll let tweedydon disclose the real price on this.
If Gilt had a full refund policy, I'd have pulled the trigger in case the suit I was looking to pick up didn't fit. Credit that expires in a year? Boo urns. Still, that navy cotton combo did look awfully tempting...
I did, and with any luck, it should land on my "friend's" office desk by Monday afternoon. Hope he's not on travel next week.
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