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These Crockett & Jones shoes are from a non-western domestic market, as indicated by the sizing inside the shoe. They are marked as 260, which is equivalent to a 8.5 in US sizing. I traditionally wear either an 8.5E or 9D and these fit well, but I don't have room for these in my closet (or so I'm led to believe by the woman). They have no stains on the suede, and have the original Crockett & Jones heel intact. The wear on the heel is indicated in the photo. They do not...
An instant classic but half a size too big for me. Full grain pebbled leather, with tonal top-stitch details. These shoes come with a cap toe, fully lined in leather with a cushioned insole. Made in the United Kingdom, these have never been worn, as can be seen by the photos. Ships in the original Mark McNairy box. These retail for $455. $310 $295 $OLD CONUS
DAMN. Those are some of the most amazing loafers I've ever seen.
PM sent on a panel of the Marinella fabric, Ed!
The Porter model looks fantastic. Good luck with the new line!
Another closet purge thread. Not sure what's the most common way to measure these, so I took measurements from hinge to hinge. I've whittled down my collection of regular rotation sunglasses to just two pairs, so these need to go. All prices include shipping conus. Prada aviators in smoke grey. 5" from hinge to hinge. There are some very minor scratches on the right lens that have been circled in red in the spoiler images, but they're not noticeable when you wear them or...
Spring cleaning continues. Selling ties that I've either never worn or don't wear much at all these days. All prices include shipping to CONUS.Hugo by Hugo Boss Metallic brown tie, 2 3/8" blade, never wornPrice $25 CONUS [[SPOILER]] Hugo Boss Red on red argyle pattern, 3 3/4" bladePrice $25 CONUS [[SPOILER]] Hugo Boss Navy geometric, 3 1/2" bladePrice $25 CONUS [[SPOILER]]
Spambot! Although this is probably the best time ever to use this:
measurements on the W+H chinos?
Final price drops before moving to eBay tomorrow!
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