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Received my bottles of YSL La Nuit Pour L'Homme and Creed GIT from CologneReview in fantastic atomizers. Thanks!
Rawr. Very nice bag. Tempting...
Nice boots! You might have better luck with the sale if you mention the actual fit in the title. Good luck!
I love those Moras...wish they were in a 9D! Although I'm guess if they were, you'd be keeping them yourself!
Had I not just purchased those Tricker's a few weeks ago, those Hermes would be off the table by now. Bump for a fantastic seller.
.4b 30L x 13 .4b 24L x 34 (all in dark grey MOP)
PM Sent
I'm interested, but isn't a EU42 normally at US9?
Interested as well!
I'm taking a trip to HK for vacation in the spring, and figured it'd be a good opportunity to invest in my first bespoke suit. After some researching into the forums, I was pretty much set on going to WW Chan, as the house seems to consistently get pretty good reviews here on SF, among other places. However, after talking to some relatives, I'm being heavily persuaded to cancel my appointment with WW Chan and go with the family tailor, the Regent Shop, which has...
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