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Paring down my tie collection for the winter. Selling the entire remaining lot for $100 $90 CONUS OBO. All individual prices include shipping CONUS. First photo, from left to right Brooks Brothers Makers repp stripe. Colors: Navy, turquoise, white, and teal. 100% silk, 3.5" width, made in USA. $20 Metropolitan View paisley repp stripe. Purple, white, lavender, and light blue. 100% silk, 3.75" width, made in China. $15 Paul Stuart paisley. Navy, orange, green, and...
I had the toughest time picking between the moleskin and the duck canvas. I ended up going with the latter, but the loden moleskin does look fantastic!
Thanks! I've been scoping out their field jackets and just pulled the trigger on the Olive Duck Canvas one.
I have one of their insulated jackets and have found the sizing to be TTS. I ordered the Military jacket yesterday and can post more details about the fit once I get it, as long as it's still in stock in your size.~$140 for a ventile/etaproof jacket seems like a reasonable gamble, IMO.
Aether Apparel is having a decent warehouse sale right now.
Will you post the outsole width and length of these?
Nice find, thanks @jonathanS! I don't think I've seen anyone outside of B. Nelson in NYC offer a dainite sole service in the U.S. Less expensive than B. Nelson AND local! The Alden Flex Welt refurb service is intriguing as well.
Mind sharing his contact info? Looks like he did a great job!
That's completely true for me. I picked up a nice Mackintosh jacket made up in Loro Piana storm fabric that would never end up in my closet otherwise.
Lardini charcoal gray sport coat, new with tags. Size 50 regular. Soft shoulder, non-functioning cuffs, two-button front, double-vented, fully lined. 98% wool/2% elastane fabric, made in Italy. Price for coat delivered CONUS is $95. International buyers contact me for additional shipping charges, all sales are final. Hanger not included in sale. Approximate measurements: S2S: 18 P2P: 21 Sleeve: 25.50 BOC: 29
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