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PM'ed you about some stuff Mauro!
I am also wondering at when measurements will be up. Need some LVC. Also, I am feeling buying some RRL. I am at the moment true 35 waist. Will a 34 in the raw and rinse be the right size for me? How do the thermals and henleys fit? I have a 40 chest and and am pretty tall so I was wondering mostly about length, Medium or Large?? Anything left? Sorry if this is the inappropriate place for this but due to work I am unable to access the internet very often and...
Well I feel like an idiot. I looked at the thread on sufu and all the fit pics looked so black. Thanks for the info. They look like really nice jeans for the price but I really want a pair of black raw denim relatively on the cheap. Like sub $200-250. Less is better but I need a pair of black slimmer/slim straight type jeans. Anyone recommend something like that in a Raw black? Also, thanks for the quick help.
Anyone own the BiG special edition 21oz weird guys? Need a cheaper black jean and that interests me. What is the stretch like? Size down 1, 2 ,3, 10?
These sound exactly what I want. I have a way bigger chest and smaller waist. I find everything fits too tightly around the top and bags out around the middle. I am excited. Anyone know an online retailer for all of this with measurements??
Also interested in pics/measurements, What N&F cuts in stock? Also, black new standards coming?
At work till friday night but the skulls are mine along with grey s-001 if they exist till then.
Revolve has a bunch of nudie on sale as of today as well as other stuff. I just grabbed a pair of Slim Jim Dry Japan for about $91. Also can use code "tulip" for 15% on top of regular sales.
Pretty sure I am going to buy a pair of jawnz from Ande for my next project however I am really interested in Slackers but I cannot find fit picks anywhere. Anyone here own a pair or know where I can check out some fit pics of Slackers?
RRDG = Regular Ralph Dry Greycast Those slight marks on the back pocket came like that when I got them. I haven't worn these out the house or anything in the pocket.
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