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quick reply in support of tonylumpkin I bought the sartorio suit that was listed previously with this jacket For those unfamiliar with sartorio, jump... quickly (or I might buy this jacket as well) I brought the suit to William Field in DC for alterations. you can do a search for his reputation, but he is widely felt to be among the very best tailors in DC, and poss east coast.. does true bespoke as well as alterations. He has 100s of book of fabric samples and was...
would really like to unload this will take $425 shipped for a fully canvases navy suit
for not that much more than that, you should be able to pick up a new laptop I bought a Lenovo Thinkpad x100e (11.2" screen, ~3 lbs) for about 4.. could certainly buy a netbook for that
not sure whether a short or a 39 might work for you, or what styling you'd accept, but here are a few leads to buy on ebay: NWT Corneliani for PRL velvet one button peak lapel 40S BB 39R, though measurements look odd 40S vintage 70s, though looks current and is the same price as a rental vintage 50's shawl collar midnight blue BB 39R shawl collar there's always angelicboris on B&S NWT Corneliani 40R DB
Quote: Originally Posted by mat135ta Are there still trades going on, secretly? Or is this thread dead? I think there are plently of trades going on, just not a lot of discussion after the fact when they go smoothly
Quote: Originally Posted by MarquisMagic You'd need to. As noted, cashmere socks are notoriously shortlived, wearing away at the toe, ankle and heel at much faster rates than other hosiery made of materials. Nor does cashmere hold its shape terribly well. So here's the paradox. If you don't wear them, you get no enjoyment from their feel and quality. Which means that however much you paid was too much. If you do wear them, they will be unwearable in...
Quote: Originally Posted by oman do you guys think this armani black label coat is fake? the tag and stuff are in the right place (inside pocket) also, do you guys think it even looks decent? i'm a very slender chap and it's hard to find well-fitting black coats of this sort, esp. at this price I haven't seen Armani black label stuff in a while, but both the GA label and the "made in...
I still have this corneliani for Trussardi not quite up to the construction level asked for, but the size is right for smaller gents
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi not fake, just older pre-purple RLPL... not so sure.. labels look sewn-on after the fact and didn't the pre-purple label stuff have a purple colored Polo label?
2009 Nissan GT-R and a 2010 Subaru Forester for when the weather's like it has been here around Baltimore
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