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Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel the cord sportcoat is made by Cantarelli, why you selling it dog that price is ridiculous. exactly. hell, I PM'd before he edited to add the price, though haven't heard back.. hoping for local transaction
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi 9 Fold tie?? I bought a DV 9-fold (from another seller) and while I don't have it in front of me, believe that it is indeed 9 fold (and I think partially lined), so pretty heavy
Quote: Originally Posted by WhateverYouLike NWT Supposedly Brioni DB Coat 38R, only $165! Caveat: Large chest and really narrow shoulders, and it's not marked Brioni....do you trust this guy? the tags seemed enough like Brioni (and I think still are) to investigate further per this posting at AAAC, it seems like this may be part of a batch of jackets/suits that were commissioned by Syms to be made in Italy based on Brioni models, though...
seriously, how is nobody (especially antirabbit) jumping on the HF.. if it were one size larger, I'd jump on it.. I'm a 44 and am tempted.. they rival the italians and at this price is a NO-BRAINER people
pretty sure it is main line, though at least 5 yrs old
NWT navy Sartoria Castangia suit in cashmere! not cheap, but I'd jump on this in a sec in a different size!
SOLD! I forgot that I had this suit on the rack to sell and would really like to get rid of it had it listed in another thread that I can no longer edit This weekend only, I'll take $375 shipped in US via Google checkout that's about 90% off retail for a fully canvassed suit Quote: Originally Posted by drducky NWT handmade Domenico Spano custom suit 2 button notch lapel with dual rear vents - looks to have nice waist suppression though way too small...
!!!! yes, please
Quote: Originally Posted by winston Nice stuff. Cesare. It's quite different from Caesar. doh! yeah.. fingers typing fasting the mind thinking today
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Does anyone know the jhistory of Stile Latino? I've seen their stuff in person and its great, but have no knowledge of the company. Is it in fact an Italian co? I googled already. Nada. I believe it's made by or marketed by one of Cesare Attolini's sons (I believe the latter and made in the Sartoria Attolini factories)
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