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could you measure the belts from the end of the buckle to the middle hole thanks
bought a lovely RT 7-fold from twon12 without issue
based on johnny_flapjack's rec, I have two Isaia jackets heading my way!
I bid, but just below the selling price.. don't need a sixth brown suit and already have a similar pinstripe from RLBL, though would probably have liked this one more why is no one bidding on stilmacher's Caruso suit 44R[/quote]
mabitex on the way for me
Quote: Originally Posted by forex I know there is no tag, I was trying to figure out who the makers for LB are. Also, LB has different lines, do you know all of them and are they usually made by different makers? I had posted that one earlier, as someone should jump on it the measurements make me think that it is a few years old, so I'd bet either st andrews or more likely Attolini.. either way, a great deal
new St Andrews for Luciano Barbera (so should be Sartoriale) navy jacket, size e51 $425 BIN another new LB Sartoriale blue windowpane for $430 BIN The seller thinks retail is $1500, where it's probably close to $3k now.. I'd buy both if they were a size larger
14" drop!?! Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi RLPL linen suit - 48R - now at $40
Quote: Originally Posted by lpalma121 This retails for $5,000 and up are you certain about that price for a suit of this vintage?
I think that the problem you're running into is that while the price is great, 29" +/- from BOC for a regular seems quite off (typically close to 31"), as if they'd been shortened.. good length for 42-44S.. 22" chest is small for a 44, also, even for Caruso otherwise I'd have bought them all
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