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I would ask for the waist size on the jacket and say that you will need to lose closer to 20lb for it to fit well if most 44R need to be taken out and 46R fit well styling certainly is classic, and it'll be well made.. were it me, I'd be worried about just how slim fitting it is (hard to find Borrelli suits locally to try on) and losing the weight before the wedding good luck
no offense to the OP, but these pics do not do the fabric justice I have one of these and the glen plaid is MUCH richer in person that these pics and I for one am happy I bought it (though not from OP, so have no pony in this race) if people saw better pics, these would go quickly
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi Does Belvest cashmere really retail at $6300? um... no maybe a third of that... ebay bloated retail prices are getting a bit out of hand
do any of the used jackets have working sleeve buttons?
could you measure the belts from the end of the buckle to the middle hole thanks
bought a lovely RT 7-fold from twon12 without issue
based on johnny_flapjack's rec, I have two Isaia jackets heading my way!
I bid, but just below the selling price.. don't need a sixth brown suit and already have a similar pinstripe from RLBL, though would probably have liked this one more why is no one bidding on stilmacher's Caruso suit 44R[/quote]
mabitex on the way for me
Quote: Originally Posted by forex I know there is no tag, I was trying to figure out who the makers for LB are. Also, LB has different lines, do you know all of them and are they usually made by different makers? I had posted that one earlier, as someone should jump on it the measurements make me think that it is a few years old, so I'd bet either st andrews or more likely Attolini.. either way, a great deal
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