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Quote: Originally Posted by needshoehelp Does anybody know anything about the Adriano & Sons mid-length coats? There's a lot of them and they look nice, but I don't know anything other than that. I bought one of the vests that seems very similar to the mid-length jackets (and with nearly identical fabric combinations).. no idea who made it as there are no construction tags to point towards Caruso or Sartorio like their more tailored...
insane deal as always, and my size too since I have another already, I'll leave this for the next lucky person
these make me drool (and feel poor at the same time)
can't figure out how to link the chart with measurements from the website, though its on the bottom of this page
** I really want to clear this stuff, so 50% off listed prices through the Jan8 weekend ** I have a lot of stuff unworn in the closet that I hope others appreciate more than I do currently Payment is through paypal with traditional (non personal) payments. Prices include USPS priority shipping within the US. International shipping will be at cost (though at my discretion) deals will be offered for multiples and offers will be considered What's available: NWT e56R...
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Your avatar looks like Pam from The Office. I believe it is (Jenna Fischer) in her most challenging role in Blades of Glory
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi 34/36R Polo/Corneliani Bleecker suit - weird color and linen, but a rare sized suit for those who need it pics are bad.. I have those pants and a friend has this suit it's a standard olive green and IRL looks much nicer than the pics still a lot of money for an off-season (for northern hemisphere) linen suit
I've bought from most everyone else and have now bought a pair of TF pants from Spoo off ebay super easy, came fast; packed to survive the 4 inches of rain that we got and the USPS delivery out in the rain
there was an Enrico model among the mainline Isaia line when these were produced, though not from the Enrico Isaia line while not from the 2010 collection, and indeed NOS, if you're in the market for an Isaia suit in a staple fabric, jump! the sizing will be a little different than current models I suspect
I would ask for the waist size on the jacket and say that you will need to lose closer to 20lb for it to fit well if most 44R need to be taken out and 46R fit well styling certainly is classic, and it'll be well made.. were it me, I'd be worried about just how slim fitting it is (hard to find Borrelli suits locally to try on) and losing the weight before the wedding good luck
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