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on any sale concluded through the end of the weekend, take 15% off the current prices!
there are a few Allegri on Yoox at the moment not the best prices I've ever seen, however
I can't imagine wearing that as a suit, but it's fantastic as an odd jacket, and as whus mentioned, made by St Andrews, so likely closer to LB Sartoriale standards than Blancs (which I've found typically for LB for Louis) wish it were bigger
super slim 38" charcoal Sartoria Partenopea pants added to go with medium gray Mabitex ball-huggers also added midnight blue Isaia jacket prices dropped; would really like to clear most of these (Attolini I can get tailored to fit me though), so make an offer will work on bulk pants and likely list them in another thread.. thinking $125-150 shipped for 5 pair or better pants (actually more Barbera, some Belvest, Zanella, older Incotex) almost all are pleated also have...
lovely simple black loafers simple opera style with tassels size 10N outsole: toe to heel - 11-7/16" width - 3-7/8" asking $150 -> $140 ->$133 shipped in the US (retail $395) ** SOLD ** NWT e50R Caruso for Adriano & Sons jacket heavy winter weight wool in brown and cream check with aqua blue overpane; 1/4 lined 3 button rolls to 2, dual rear vents, soft shoulders, ticket pocket, sleeves basted and buttons supplied Construction is as nice as I've seen Caruso...
some pants added additionally, if anyone is about the same size as me in pants, I have probably 10-15 pair that I'd sell for little money (~$30/ea in bulk) they're all worn, but in great shape; most are various shades of gray in wool: Zegna, Incotex, maybe RLPL, etc; PM for details or if enough interest is out there, I'll list them here
added few jackets, price drops
Quote: Originally Posted by needshoehelp Does anybody know anything about the Adriano & Sons mid-length coats? There's a lot of them and they look nice, but I don't know anything other than that. I bought one of the vests that seems very similar to the mid-length jackets (and with nearly identical fabric combinations).. no idea who made it as there are no construction tags to point towards Caruso or Sartorio like their more tailored...
insane deal as always, and my size too since I have another already, I'll leave this for the next lucky person
these make me drool (and feel poor at the same time)
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