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likely not an amazing deal, but damn.. nicest Zegna shoes I've ever seen
from the ebay thread: center vented, but single button peak lapel and 34" trousers < $250 BIN plus shipping from UK
this is what you want to trade for!
price drop on Martegani loafers
I'd really like to move this stuff, so 50% off current listed prices through the weekend to try to spark sales
are the sleeve buttons functional on the Spano suit? is length from bottom or top of collar thanks
lousy pics, but this looks to be a nice 40R charcoal flannel Polo IV model suit (3 button, ticket pocket) for little money. I'd have jumped were it my size
absolutely amazing looking bespoke Cifonelli offered by our own singlechange I know that some of Cifonelli in the past was made by St Andrews, and some by Caruso.. wonder who did this?
huh? beautiful jacket, though 38" chest and size 42R don't compute Quote: Originally Posted by twon12 Size:\t42R\t ... P2P=\t19"\t \t\t
thanks.. me too; nicer than my RLPL and comparable to a few Borrelli that I have I'll honor your compliment with a price drop Quote: Originally Posted by winston Nice. I always like Adriano & Sons jackets.
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