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wow.. absolutely insane deal this looks to have the Jerome IV cut, which was my favorite.. should sell literally for twice asking price too small for me, otherwise I'd jump
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek You may have to fly to Peru. that was going to be my suggestion.. there are a very small number of vicuna jackets that end up here/ebay/etc there is a chain of nice boutiques in Peru names KUNA. They sell certified vicuna, as well as guanaco, and various levels of alpaca products; they have a shop at the airport in Lima as well as a few within the city (Miraflores has one that I ransacked) overcoat was...
Quote: Originally Posted by gam29 ^you bought all of them? one of each.. there was only one remaining of the solid gray. I'd been watching it for a few weeks
very odd.. I literally was trying for hours at work, and then when I got home cleared cookies, multiple computers, different web browsers and no dice just tried now, and no issues.. they should be gone now Quote: Originally Posted by gam29 ^I'm able to add them to my cart with no problems.
Quote: Originally Posted by gam29 Couple of very nice Adriano & Sons suits on Yoox in the $300 range. I believe A&S suits are made by Caruso or Sartorio based on what I've read around the forum. http://www1.yoox.com/item/YOOX/ADRIA...r_secretsale80 http://www1.yoox.com/item/YOOX/ADRIA...r_secretsale80 I'm pretty sure those are sold out, as I've been trying to buy both of them for hours
likely not an amazing deal, but damn.. nicest Zegna shoes I've ever seen
from the ebay thread: center vented, but single button peak lapel and 34" trousers < $250 BIN plus shipping from UK
this is what you want to trade for!
price drop on Martegani loafers
I'd really like to move this stuff, so 50% off current listed prices through the weekend to try to spark sales
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