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Baldessarini suit and navy cotton Caruso jacket sold
I have the sartorio listed above and it it IMO fantastic.. my favorite of all my suits ('cuz I don't have a partenopea) I'd be quite poor if these were 54's instead of 52
price drop on the spano
Quote: Originally Posted by eztantz Nice suit very nice price! Am I the only loser who is a 46L - maybe I should drop 20 pounds so I can buy something on this forum. nah.. the only reason I'm selling it is the pants are too small for me
** SOLD ** mint condition charcoal Belvest suit, tagged 44R styling is 3 button, roll 2 with dual rear vents 100% wool (S120's) with signature lining pants are flat front Chest - 46" Shoulders - 19.75" Sleeve - 25.5" (nonworking buttons) Length - 31.5" from BOC Trouser waist - 36" with no additional fabric to let out Rise - 12.25" Inseam - hemmed at 30" with 1.5" additional asking $200 shipped in the US
These are all either NWT or NWOT, purchased for my wife and didn't work The Domenico Vacca items, while horribly overpriced at retail are very high quality items are measured the way I measure men's clothing, so if there is a better way to measure (ie bust or hips) let me know 1. NWT Domenico Vacca pink silk jacket; tagged USA 4, It 38 3 button roll 2, dual rear vents; patch pockets basted shut MOP buttons sleeves are basted and there is what feels to be a packet of...
zegna sweater sold
items purchased before Wed 10/14 can be had for 15% off listed prices
I have a number of things that I was planning on listing on ebay, but would much prefer to sell here will likely list anyway, but wanted to gauge interest off the top of my head are some Domenico Vacca items: pastel pink blazer ~ size 4; retail $3900 navy linen pants, sizes 4 and 6 I believe muticolor stripe sweater (lightweight) Ralph Lauren Collection (equivalent of purple label) blue blazer size 8 Ralph Lauren Collection black pants size 6 or 8 PM if you want...
DB blazer now sold the domenico spano is pretty nice PM offers
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