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Stafanobi that look essentially new for reasonable price.. I sold a pair like these (maybe even these)
Quote: Originally Posted by dv3 Alpaca is definitely on the list of things to look for. So the store name is "Kuno aka Alpaca III", or is it one or the other if I remember correctly, the current name is Kuna, though it was previously (maybe 2 years ago) named Alpaca III, so some slightly older merchandise may have that label, and locals (ie cab drivers) may know it by that name I bought my wife a guanaco scarf, as I just couldn't be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Question: Why is alpaca so loved? I don't know if I've seen the high-end stuff or not but everything I've ever gotten to put my hands on is unbearably itchy, even unpleasant to touch for the non-wearer. Give me plain old wool any day. better alpaca (baby alpaca and suri) have a hand very similar to cashmere is not itchy I did buy a cheap alpaca sweater off ebay and yeah, it sucks
there are a handful of boutiques named Kuna aka Alpaca III that sell relatively expensive, but seemingly very high quality alpaca, guanaco, and even vicuna goods (with certificates) - scarves, sweaters, jackets not the $30 blankets you can get at the market I know there's one at the airport, one in Miraflores, and probably a few others haven't been in Cuzco in almost 15 years
Belvest and Zileri Sartoriale sold
additional pants added
Baldessarini suit and navy cotton Caruso jacket sold
I have the sartorio listed above and it it IMO fantastic.. my favorite of all my suits ('cuz I don't have a partenopea) I'd be quite poor if these were 54's instead of 52
price drop on the spano
Quote: Originally Posted by eztantz Nice suit very nice price! Am I the only loser who is a 46L - maybe I should drop 20 pounds so I can buy something on this forum. nah.. the only reason I'm selling it is the pants are too small for me
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