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I'll speak up for Will Field as well I brought in 2 suits and a jacket for alterations - two of which were nearly a size too large (damn deals) and though the work was not cheap or fast, everything looks perfect. I traveled down from Baltimore as I've not heard of anyone in my area comparable
Quote: Originally Posted by dmipol1 Thanks! For some reason there is no love to this venerable brand at SF even at this knockdown pricing levels... absolutely no idea why. in my experience, they have great cuts (as classic as St A and RLPL) and fantastic (CB mill) fabrics If I didn't have something with the same pattern, this would have already been mine
I usually like the Loro Piana sportcoats.. I only have one (brown herringbone), but love the fabric, cut, etc 2nd RLPL
price drop
NWT handmade Domenico Spano custom suit 2 button notch lapel with dual rear vents - looks to have nice waist suppression though way to small for me to pose trousers are flat front with darts wool fabric has a wonderful hand - navy base with pinstripes color is closest to the 2nd large photo - showing the collar construction subtle pickstitching everywhere measures to ~38R Chest - 42" Shoulder - 18" Sleeve - 24.5" (buttons are NON-functional) Length - 29.5" from...
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles You are sooooo lucky to be the only SF'er in your NMLC vicinity no.. just some of us get stuck with mundane day jobs and can't run to his sources so have to pick up whus scraps on the weekend (or buy stuff from him in the parking lot after work)
somebody please pick these up to flip here (ie to me)
stylistically not my cup o' tea, but a fur-lined, vicuna blend overcoat from Sartoria Partenopea - uh.. big-timer defined
Quote: Originally Posted by Alan Bee Is it usual for a seller to ship without providing tracking on Paypal. for some reason, some sellers here, and also on ebay, do not use the feature to print shipping labels through paypal which would automatically add shipping info.. shipping has to be paid through paypal for this, but when I sell, I find the ease of printing and online discount a plus
price drops across the board
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