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Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles You are sooooo lucky to be the only SF'er in your NMLC vicinity no.. just some of us get stuck with mundane day jobs and can't run to his sources so have to pick up whus scraps on the weekend (or buy stuff from him in the parking lot after work)
somebody please pick these up to flip here (ie to me)
stylistically not my cup o' tea, but a fur-lined, vicuna blend overcoat from Sartoria Partenopea - uh.. big-timer defined
Quote: Originally Posted by Alan Bee Is it usual for a seller to ship without providing tracking on Paypal. for some reason, some sellers here, and also on ebay, do not use the feature to print shipping labels through paypal which would automatically add shipping info.. shipping has to be paid through paypal for this, but when I sell, I find the ease of printing and online discount a plus
price drops across the board
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi 100% cashmere belvest 44R blazer nope in this case 54 i the us size, not the european.. chest measures 28" per the listing
while I have indeed been searching for the perfect blazer and this could be it, I will leave this for someone who needs a gift more than myself (student, intern, etc) if it doesn't move (impossible to imagine), I'll ask to claim it
sorry to those interested, but I typically don't bump a thread to say "PM", as if it's available when I PM, I'll buy it without debating if it doesn't work out for me(really, really doubtful), I'll offer it here for what I paid
was looking through the shoe section at Neiman Marcus and noticed that they are offering the shoe horn made by Kirby Allison (Hangar Project) (at only a 133% markup) that, IMO, is truly big time.. good for him
Quote: Originally Posted by Corniche Wanted! since what you're looking for is so specific, why don't you check with somebody with large inventory like Ian at shopthefinest.com may not be absolute lowest price available, but you're looking for an absolute staple, so I'm sure you know that he's well respected around these parts
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