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great looking dinner suit, though be careful with sleeve length; jacket measures to 44L, though has 24" sleeves with functional buttonholes; I woulda kopped otherwise
yup.. indeed made by Caruso
that tag is definitely prior to their current one, so 7-8+ years old at the least I would guess
pretty positive this is Nervesa, who has made much of the older Cifonelli pieces in the pastaccording to A Harris, around Zegna/Caruso level of construction. I had one Cifonelli piece that would attest to thatLabels can be seen in this ebay listingAlso, I'm pretty sure that Kosher only refers to food and that fabrics are non-shatnez
Sartorio ivory dinner jacket, yum
^^ never mind.. seller must have found out.. added vicuna to title and listing
won't really fly under the radar because it's Kiton, but the seller doesn't realize that the "V" in "Icuna" makes this more exclusive have at it
I hope to make it.. have looong day at work, but if I'm out in reasonable time will make the meetI voted for B&O merely out of convenience as it's walking distance from the hospital.. happy to do either of the others if they win outhope to see people next Tues
a few seasons back, the made in Italy were by Caruso; the Dunhill tag was a little different then .. on of the early SF Caruso darlings.. I personally loved them and have a few
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