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I believe that is D'Avenza
maybe Castangia?
I'm sure they sell the entire range, but the one suit that I bought sadly was Club
One of my absolute faves, though I prefer bluethis was a present from myself to myself last yearon a separate note, taking wrist pics while driving is much harder than it seems
I have a very similar pair and wear them, not with a suit, though with many brown based tie/jacket combinations.. for example dark brown trousers with tan linen jacket or lighter brown/tan pants with darker brown jackets (of which I have several).. I have a few blue ties with brown pattern to tie it in.. I find the split tow perfect for these outfits..
great looking dinner suit, though be careful with sleeve length; jacket measures to 44L, though has 24" sleeves with functional buttonholes; I woulda kopped otherwise
yup.. indeed made by Caruso
that tag is definitely prior to their current one, so 7-8+ years old at the least I would guess
pretty positive this is Nervesa, who has made much of the older Cifonelli pieces in the pastaccording to A Harris, around Zegna/Caruso level of construction. I had one Cifonelli piece that would attest to thatLabels can be seen in this ebay listingAlso, I'm pretty sure that Kosher only refers to food and that fabrics are non-shatnez
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