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Yeah, I would definitely double check to see if they really have a business formal dress code. I've heard that a couple of firms out there still have everyone dress in suits every day, but they're few and far between. Some firms I interviwed with during their weekly "caual jeans" day. That, honestly, was a major turn off. And I wasn't even into style / SF at that point.
The ship has already sailed on so much I wish I had learned at a younger age. Some things you just really need to start learning at a young age. One thing I'd really like to like that's actually feasible is calligraphy and other interesting handwriting skills.
A google search for A1 Ronsir only turned up a few hits... is that an inscription on the glasses? They look like they are a Shuron Ronsi Zyl, or at least a very close variant of one. Because the perspectives are different, the lens shape may be slightly different, but the brow line looks to be exactly the same. Very classy glasses. What do you think of them? I've been thinking of picking up a Shuron Ronsir Revelation for a while now -- similar design, but with a...
PMed you on the Sanfords. Or, to be more accurate, am about to PM you. The board system doesn't want to let me PM you until my post count hits two, and this post is post number two.
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