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PM sent on #s 7 and 8.
Can you also post measurements (pit-to-pit and shoulder, in particular) for the A|X jacket?
It's all about the transaction costs, baby.
Or San Francisco?
This should go down in history as the Great Incotex Rush of '08.
The Making of the Atomic Bomb, Richard Rhodes Not nearly enough modern history and non-fiction on the list. Speaking of which, can anyone recommend an excellent book on the American Civil War?
Definitely agree on ATMs. Also, for some unknown reason, the exchange booths at Narita in Japan don't rip you off nearly as badly (coming or going) as currency exchanges I've seen in other countries. The conversion there was really quite cheap.
Before convincing yourself that you need five suits, 18 dress shirts, 197 ties, etc., I'd double check with your firm about the dress code. Then, I'd do some searches here on Styleforum about summer associate / law firm attire. Basically, just about every one of the vault 100 firms has gone business casual at this point. There might be one holdout. As I understand it, even Cravath has gone business casual. So one suit will likely be sufficient for the summer. And no...
Plus, I find it hard to imagine a disease or ailment that would render a person bedridden for 3 months that wouldn't also be so severe as to limit useful in medical tests. I mean, you'd have be in a bad way to bedridden for that long.
I'd stay away from BB. I bought my OCI interview suit from them, but that was back when I had no idea what I was doing. To my eye now, and my general understanding, is they use old-fashioned, boxier cuts. I just bought a Ralph Lauren Polo cotton blazer, and it's got a much cleaner and modern shape. I'm planning on buying some more from RL; they apparently work for my body. Of course, what works for me isn't necessarily going to work for you. RL has a sale running from...
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