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I've stayed at the Travel Lodge. It's kinda crappy, but for going out, it's right in the heart of everything. Cheap, too.
I used to want something like this til it was pointed out by a co-worker: "Fuck no! What the hell you want that for? I've done it, and it's bullshit! It's like spinning plates! You're all worried you spendin' too much time with this one, and you diddlin' the other, goin' back and forth, and fuck! Man, you can't concentrate! You know how hard it is to take care of one woman? How the fuck you gonna manage two, AT THE SAME TIME? Man, I was all stressin' out, it wasn't no...
Hempler brand bacon and HP Fruity sauce. Good God almighty, it's like... a smoky, fatty, tangy heaven.
Isn't this a bit like choosing which one of your children is your favorite? Dark red would have to be mine.
This is the stuff. It rocks pretty hard.
I always say that as long as I'm not getting laid I might as well look good.
I'd say walk away. A couple seasons ago I was placing hundreds of dollars on football games. I did fairly well til the Super Bowl came around. Still came out ahead, but I haven't gone back to wager since. There's quite a rush when you win, and another when you lose. The losing hurts in a way that can't be made up by winning, though. I also love $100 plays on roulette, which is why I won't go to Vegas again. It's cheaper to do almost anything else.
Bang fucking bang, the mighty Fall... He's one of those guys that can do whatever horrible things he wants and I'll still buy the next album.
I've taken to wearing some Dockers button-down shirts for work. It's no big deal if they get ripped or dirty because I'm in construction, yet they still look decent, at least compared to others in my line of work. I did try on a pair of comfy Dockers cargo pants the other day, but the were too baggy. I thought I could have them taken in in the thigh and tapered a bit, then I remembered they were $30 Dockers cargo pants. Didn't get them. It would cost more to alter than...
If I can't find 8 tins of Ace Lager by Fulchester brewery, I'm going with Rainier.
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